10 Motivational Quotes All College Girls Need to Hear

The spring semester is in full swing and your grueling course load is proving to be pretty overwhelming right?

We've reach the point in the semester where you're regretting signing up for any of the classes your currently enrolled in and Googling "ways to make money without a college degree" in the little bit of free time that you do have. Is it just me or does it seem like every teacher assigns the first test, paper and group project all at the same time? If you agree with any of the above, I get it. I feel you.

We're all on the struggle bus and I'm driving. I was scrolling through Facebook the other night, avoiding my responsibilities, when I stumbled upon a super inspiring, motivational quote that kicked my butt into gear. I know we could all use a little motivation...so I am sharing with you, 10 motivational quotes that all college girls need to hear!

I hope these motivational quotes have found you at a time when you really needed them. The semester will be over before you know it, so work hard and push through. You got this!