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10 of the BEST Valentines Puns

Are you tired of basic Valentine’s Day Cards saying “Be Mine” and “Happy Valentine’s Day?” Are you wishing there was a way to spruce up the card and make it just a little more fun? Well look no more Collegiettes!

Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day puns to humor up the day and tickle your loved one’s funny bone!!


Wooden Shoe Like to be My Valentine:

Not a regular shoe, but a wooden one..or wouldn’t one…HAHAHHA


I Like You a Latte

Almost as much as I LOVE caffeine


Hey There Valentine, You’re Looking Sharp

You’re looking so Gouda today. I’d be Provolone without you.


You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart

Keep working, you might get the whole pie!


To My Significant Otter

Cuz furry animals are almost better…than you


I’m Fondue You

Just like chocolate


I’ve Taken a Viking to You

Yeah, I’d Vike you to be mine


I Know it’s Corny…but You’re A-MAIZE-ing

Yeah yeah yeah, I already know


I Lava You

And my love is erupting


Yoda One for Me

May my force always be with you.



Whether it be to a galantine, a loved one, or that person you’re crushing on in class, use one of these puns instead of the normal ones and you’ll be sure to make an impression!

Happy Valentines Day Collegiettes!


I aspire to be like Audrey Hepburn and Elle Woods, classy and fabulous
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