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Your Ultimate Guide to Blue Light Glasses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

A new fad has entered the social media world and it is blue light glasses. As someone who has never had to wear glasses, I was always curious what it would be like to wear them. I was never one to buy fake glasses as just an accessory because I thought that wasn’t necessary, but there was finally a non-prescribed pair of glasses that I could try out that would actually benefit my eyes! Read more to learn about the perks of wearing blue light glasses as well as my experience.


What is blue light?

There is a spectrum of light that is emitted from the sun and other various objects. Blue light has a shorter wavelength and, therefore, contains more energy than other light. Blue light is everywhere. It is mostly emitted by the sun, but it can come from any electronic devices or fluorescent and LED lighting. Digital devices, such as our cell phones and laptops, emit a significant amount of blue light. Although it is less dangerous than sun exposure, the time spent using these devices and the proximity of our eyes to these devices brings up concerns on the long-term effects regarding eye health that come from blue light exposure.



The eyes themselves can protect you from certain types of light, but virtually all visible blue light penetrates through the cornea and lens, and reaches the retina. Too much exposure to this over time could damage the light sensors in your retinas and lead to vision loss. Blue light not only can damage your eye, it can lead to eye strain, as well. Blue light is not all bad, though. Some blue light exposure is good for your health: it can boost alertness, help memory and cognitive function, and increase your mood. Blue light can help to regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which is the sleep/wake cycle (this is why it is important to avoid devices late at night). Being exposed to blue light during the day helps to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. Too much blue light exposure at night, however, can disrupt the cycle, potentially causing sleepless nights or fatigue during the day.


What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses ease eye strain and help prevent sleep disruptions without blocking needed levels of blue light. They are meant to protect the eyes from the light emitted from electronics, like your phone or computer, that can harm the eyes or cause migraines. They are designed to increase the contrast of what you are looking at, reduce glare, and maximize what you are looking at on your screen.



What are blue light glasses like?

So you might be thinking, do I need to get blue light glasses? Personally, as a student who uses her laptop and phone constantly, I wanted to get some blue light glasses and try them out myself. I decided to go online and look for a cute pair because why not look good while protecting your eyes?



Thankfully, my favorite sunglasses brand Quay Australia came out with an entire line of fashionable blue light glasses.


They had a lot of cute options, but I decided to go with the style “Evasive” in the color tortoise.



Honestly, I love the way they fit and the style of them, but I am not sure how effective they actually are. I can tell that the colors are shifted on my devices when I use them, but obviously I won’t be able to tell whether they are protecting my eyes from long-term damage. They are comfortable to wear, though, so I think I will continue to use them not only as a fashionable accessory, but also if they actually do help my eyes, why not use them? I have noticed one thing that may be advantageous for others to know: if you are a student trying to stay up late to do homework, do not wear them. There were multiple occasions where I fell asleep while wearing them and using my laptop. This does prove that they aid in helping you sleep better, but as a student I cannot wear them all the time or I will never get my work done.



Overall, I think they are a great product. They are made well and fit the face nicely, and I think if they can prevent your eyes from degenerating you should definitely check them out!



Lauren Lott

Winona '19

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