Worst Things the Characters of “Shameless” Have Done

Love them or hate them, the Gallaghers and the other characters of Shameless have done some crazy, immature, illegal, and immoral things. Whether the acts are heartbreaking, stupid, or controversial, they’re all awful, and it is the South side. Through season 7, here are some of the worst things they’ve done, in my rankings of bad to worse.

Lip interning at an illegal company.

Probably not the smartest decision ever, even if it would help him in the long run.

Fiona cheating on Gus.

Gus just did not freaking deserve that. He was great guy and they were married.

Debbie stealing a kid.

Yes, it’s Debbie, but how dumb is she?

Jimmy/Steve leaving Frank in Toronto.

While this was hilarious and Frank deserved it, it was pretty cruel.

Stealing fake Aunt Ginger.

While also highly illegal, this probably caused a lot of panic at the nursing home.

Sheila suffocating Frank’s mom.

While she was sick, this is definitely questionable. Still gotta' love Sheila, though.

Kevin impregnating V’s mom

Just… gross.

Carl selling guns in school.

Juvie really changed you Carl.

Frank purposely getting hurt for disability.

I cannot comprehend anything he does.

Debbie purposely getting pregnant.


Svetlana secretly taking the Alibi.

This made me so mad.

Frank barricading the upstairs of the house.

What a piece of human garbage.

Jimmy/Steve leaving for Brazil and not a word to Fiona.

After he left and Fiona didn’t go, he should have called her and should not have come back with a wife.

Monica and Frank stealing the squirrel fund.

They are the most selfish (fictional) people ever.

Lip smashing cars at Chicago Poly Tech.

This was by far the dumbest thing he ever did.

Frank sending Carl to cancer camp.

He made Carl believe he had cancer; what father does that?

Frank’s homeless shelter scheme.

Only Frank Gallagher steals from the homeless.

Carl dealing drugs.

Carl, you criminal.

Karen and “Daddy Frank.”

Karen had a lot of issues, and this was just disturbing.

Ian running off with Evgeny.

While Ian is bipolar and this act was a result of it, it was still awful. My heart broke for Evgeny as he cried and Ian wasn’t taking care of him.

Frank burying Aunt Ginger and collecting her Social Security.

Again, highly illegal and horrible because no one knew she died so long ago.

Frank ruining Fiona’s wedding.

While this probably saved Fiona future pain, Frank had no right to do it and in the process hurt everyone around him.

The attempt to murder Sammy, then Sammy attempting to murder Mickey.

Sammy is undeniably horrible, and I was not mad when she went to prison.

Mickey’s dad attacking him when he came out of the closet.

Terry, it’s the 21st Century. Get with it; he’s your son.

Frank depriving Butterface (Dottie) of a heart transplant.

How selfish and deplorable do you have to be to not inform her that her pager went off and she was getting a new heart?

Frank losing Liam in a bet… and Fiona trading weed for him.

What kind of father lets criminals take their son? But very smart of Fiona to use the plethora of marijuana that Kevin grew.

Mandy running Karen over.

While no one exactly missed Karen after this, it is still horrible to think that Mandy just did this out of jealousy and ruined Karen’s life.

Fiona leaving cocaine out and Liam getting into it.

This is arguably the worst thing to ever happen on this show. While it was an accident, Fiona is the legal guardian of her siblings and then she could not bring herself to take responsibility for it.


While there are so many more things the characters have done, these are the ones that stand out. Well, as Kev says....

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