World Sight Day: Looking at Life Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

To put you in my frame of mind, I’ve been a glasses-wearing gal since the 2nd grade. To show appreciation for the apparatus that helps me see, I wanted to write a pros & cons list of the lenses that have drastically improved my life for World Sight Day on October 15. 



  • They’re expressive.

I’ve had square, round, red, blue, purple, you name it. One of the most fun parts of wearing glasses for me has been defining each era of my life with a new style… that is, until I got stuck in a tortoiseshell rut—it only took me 10 years to find my signature set. Although they’re not as interchangeable as earrings or headbands, glasses help me express my colorful personality with fun eyewear.


  • They’re a fun accessory. 

Like I previously mentioned, eyewear serves a stylish complement to all outfits… because I need them to survive. While that can pose problems if your glasses are a’clashing, it’s still fun to consider how to pair clothes to eyewear.


  • They improve the quality of my life. 

I was really scared when I got my vision test so many years ago that revealed I needed glasses. I felt like a bespectacled beast, so different from the other kids. But I couldn’t see myself—pun intended—without these lenses. I’m able to appreciate all life has to offer because glasses help me see it!



  • They can break.

I’ve broken my fair share of specs, and then the frantic search for the spare pair begins. While the risk is lower as I’ve gotten older, I still have to protect my glasses from flying objects and the occasional klutzy incident. 


  • They get dirty. 

It might seem minor, but I do consider what type of material I’m wearing on a daily basis in case I need to wipe down the lenses. Some fabrics make it nearly impossible to de-smudge! Also, mask-wearing has created a human fog machine front and center on my face which should be the eighth ring of hellfire.


  • They impede my Netflix binges. 

For those who don’t wear glasses, you can lay in any position for hours and watch Netflix. But for those glasses-wearing folks, we need to consider the pokey frames as we lay on our sides! So frustrating. 


Overall, I’m so glad that I can see with the assistance of glasses and & that I have the foresight to enjoy them for the rest of my lens-wearing life.