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Why You Should Adopt a Slightly Spooky (Not Cursed) Black Cat This Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

When I first met my cat, I fell in love with her immediately. Her big innocent eyes, teeny tiny paws, and half clipped ear won my heart the moment I looked at her. I couldn’t believe that this adorable kitty had been struggling to get adopted just because of her appearance.


Sushi, my cat, is a black cat. She spent two years in a foster home just because her fur is black. She has no behavior problems, no health problems, and she’s a fairly young cat. So, when her foster mom told me she has been with her since she was a kitten, my heart broke.


Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence for black cats and animals with black coats in general. While some articles argue that black cats are getting adopted out at the same rate, people still avoid adopting black cats. But why? Let me warn you, the two main reasons are pretty shallow and dumb:


1. They aren’t photogenic.

See, I warned you, the reasons are shallow. While not adopting a cat because you can’t get amazing pictures of them is sort of ridiculous, this fact is simply not true. While it may be harder to catch their features on camera because of their coat color, it isn’t even close to impossible. I mean look at her:


2. They’re cursed.

Black cats have associated with Halloween, witches, and dark magic throughout history. It has been said that even seeing a black cat is bad luck. So, black cats are viewed as a scary thing but the opposite holds true. The concept of my tiny sweet cat bringing me ‘bad luck’ is almost silly to me. Black cats are the same as every other cat, their personality varies from cat to cat. 

Now, why should you adopt a black cat? 


1. Lots of them are in need of homes.

Like I said, my cat’s story is not unique. Many black cats will stay in shelters longer than other cats. This is not only due to the misconception of black cats, it is also because there is an abundance of black cats.


2. You have to admit… They look cool AF. 

The funny thing about their aesthetic being the main reason they aren’t adopted is that their aesthetic is sorta b*d*ss. Some black cats look like panthers while others look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. There is just something about their pitch-black coat that makes them have this edgy aura around them. 


3. They will love the heck out of you.

Chances are because the cat is a black cat, they have been waiting for a home for a while, so they are more than ready to love someone. While black cats are sometimes known to be skittish at times, there is no doubt that you two will become best friends.


Even though black cats will probably always be seen as spooky, it doesn’t mean that they should get adopted any less. Happy adopting and happy Halloween! 


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Grace Jacobs

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