Why Winston from “New Girl” is Just Too Relatable

Over the summer, I rewatched New Girl and I forgot how funny that show was!

(Side note: for those who may not know, New Girl, sadly, had its series finale in May).


It’s so hard to pick a favorite character, but honestly, Winston was probably the most relatable person on the show for the following reasons:


He always has his priorities straight:

He’s us when we are doing a home improvement project:

He understands the TRUE meaning of Saturdays:

He always has his friends’ backs:

He tries his best to impress at job interviews with the latest knowledge:

He likes to make up songs about what he’s doing:

And finally, he’s a kid at heart:

New Girl is currently streaming on Netflix (Seasons 1-6) and Hulu (Season 7), so catch the series when you can!