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Travis Brooks ’16

Name: Travis BrooksYear: JuniorHometown: Byron, MNMajor: NursingRelationship Status: Single



In honor of National Nursing Assistant Recognition Day on March 26, this week’s campus cutie had to be, of course, one of the brave WSU men in the nursing program! Ladies, meet a cat loving murse (man nurse) who loves country music and whose favorite movie is The Notebook. What lady wouldn’t die for a man like him?!


HC: Congrats on making it into the oh-so-competitive nursing program! How is it going?Travis Brooks (TB): So far it’s going well! All I heard about was how hard it was going in, so it’s been about what I have expected.

HC: So, it is as hard and strenuous as everyone claims it is?TB: Yeah, it has been pretty crazy. There are weeks where it’s like any other college program, with a few quizzes and maybe an exam every week, but there are other weeks where we have all of that along with care plans, simulations, test outs, presentations, and all sorts of other fun.

HC: What made you want to pursue nursing as a career?TB: When I first started working as a nursing assistant I knew nursing was the right choice because I loved the hands on personal care. Helping people when they need it most just has a way to make you feel so much better as a person. I love it.

HC: What else are you involved in on campus?TB: To be honest, not too much. I’m part of the Nursing club, as well as MSNA (Minnesota Student Nurses Association). I also play some intramural softball and basketball.

HC: What is your dream job?TB: Well, I can probably give up on my life long dream as a Major League Baseball player. So, at this point, I would say a charge nurse at a Pediatric hospital.

HC: What has been your favorite memory at WSU?TB: Definitely the first few months of beginning the Nursing program. I didn’t know anyone that also got accepted in my term, but I’ve met so many awesome people and it’s made my time here in Winona so much better than it was before!

HC: Describe yourself in 4 words.TB: Outdoorsy, personable, caring, and hard-working.

HC: What’s something people would be surprised to find out about you?TB: I’m a huge believer in Bigfoot. He’s out there, somewhere.

HC: What kind of music do you listen to?TB: I love, love, love country music, but I also really like most Hip-Hop/R&B kind of music.

HC: What is your proudest moment?TB: Definitely getting into the Nursing program here at WSU. There were some moments of doubt, but I worked really hard to get where I’m at, so it makes it all the more special.

HC: Who is your role model?TB: My mom has been my role model for as long as I can remember.

HC: Why is she your role model?TB: She has been to hell and back multiple times, but she has never been slowed down by any of it. She has been a fighter since day 1; I don’t know what I’d ever do without her. She’s always been my inspiration to continue to work harder and becoming the best person I can be.

HC: What can we find you doing on a Friday night?TB: Pretty much every Friday night of the school year I spend watching basketball with my cat, alone. It’s a pretty exciting life I live.

HC: Name your ultimate guilty pleasure.TB: I love chick flicks, almost as much as I love cats. The Notebook, quite honestly, might be my favorite movie of all time.

HC: What is the number one quality you look for in a partner?TB: TRUST, end of story.

HC: Blondes, brunettes or redheads?TB: Sorry redheads, but it’s a toss up between blondes and brunettes… you can’t go wrong either way.

HC: Describe your ideal first date.TB: I’d probably say a bonfire and picnic on the shore of the Mississippi River would be pretty fun. Just lay low and really try to get to know her. I wouldn’t mind mixing in a few fishing poles either.

HC: If you could take any celeb out on a date, whom would you choose?TB: Jana Kramer, no doubt. She’s honestly perfect.

HC: How does it feel to be this week’s campus cutie?TB: Very unexpected, but pretty cool. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t my goal to get a few Cupid Shot shout-outs, so this will suffice. Thank you for the honor!


Haley Anderson graduated from Winona State University with a degree in mass communication: public relations and a minor in marketing. Haley is a firm believer that a shopping trip at Target, a peppermint mocha, and a quick stop at Chipotle can solve all of her problems. She enjoys traveling, jamming out to the newest hits on the radio with friends, trying out happy hours at local bars and restaurants, and pinning outfit ideas and dream travel destinations on Pinterest.
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