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Survive Spring Break With These 5 Essentials

Spring break is HERE! As you pack your final items into your overstuffed suitcase, don’t forget these must haves in the spring break survival kit!

This ones for those of you who haven’t tried on your swimsuit yet. I’ll give you fair warning, after months of Minnesota hibernation, you might look in the mirror and see something like this:

Okay, so you might not be THAT hairy, but you’re going to need some serious TLC. Completely Bare Hair Removal will take care of those body parts that have been neglected under our multiple layers of winter clothing. Shed your yeti look and feel flawless on the beach! 


For those of you making the drive to Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, Vegas, or any other hot spring break destination, a word of advice: bring a book. Yes, road trips are fun, but even the chattiest group of girls will run out of things to say about half way into your 27 hour road trip.


I have two suggestions for you:

Dirty Rush by Taylor BellThis one is for you ladies who are part of Greek life at Winona State University, and even for those of you who are not! Amazon’s description reads, “In this shockingly true-to-life novel written by an all-star team of Internet phenoms from the Total Frat Move generation, you’ll get the first true glimpse of “real” sorority life in all its f**ked up glory.”

The Intern’s Handbook by Shane KuhnNot into sorority life? No worries. This next suggestion is a thriller! An assassin posed as an intern hired to take out the man at the top? Yes please!

Another essential for this year’s spring break season is Not Your Mother’s Hair Clean Freak shampoo and conditioner! Let’s face it, our hair doesn’t even know what’s coming and the hell that it is about to endure. Wash, rinse, style-but-don’t-try-too-hard-style because you’re going to the beach, swim in the ocean, wash, rinse, style-like-you-mean-it-because-you’re-about-to-hit-the-club-style, sleep, repeat. For a whole week. It’s about time you turn into a clean freak about something, because we know what the inside of a hotel room with 4+ girls and suitcases of clothing sprawled across the floor looks like.

Finally, the last thing that every girl needs is pepper spray. Yes, we said it, and you can never be too prepared. Stick with your girls, don’t get in cars with strangers, and if things get messy, whip out the Campus Safety Pepper Spray. Not only is it pepper spray, but it also contains UV dye which will stain the perpetrator’s skin and clothing so that they can be identified later.

Happy spring break collegiettes! Tear it up, have fun with your girls, and most importantly, stay classy! Don’t worry, we’ve got something coming your way next week to pull you out of your post-spring break funk.


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Miranda is currently a Winona State University senior studying mass communication with an emphasis in advertising and is also pursing a graphic design degree. In addition to being Winona State’s Campus Correspondent, she is also the president of WSU’s Advertising Federation club. When she’s not busy binge watching One Tree Hill for the umpteenth time, you can find her working on her longboards, which she creates from scratch. She is a Diet Coke addict and indie music enthusiast filled with passion and imagination. She plans to get out of chilly Minnesota to find internship opportunities after graduation.
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