Summertime Sadness: 10 Gifs about Missing My Friends in Minnesota

I’ve written about it before, but being from Illinois while the vast majority of my friends are in Minnesota makes for a homesickness to be back at school, especially during the long summer months. And while, yes, I did elect to come home, that doesn’t mean I can’t miss my friends and write about it. So, I compiled a list of 10 GIFs to show the many stages of a summer vacation without best buds to spend it with.


  • That moment when… you realize summer means breaking your friendship routine and not seeing each other every day:


  • ...followed by everyone naturally taking a vow to be super duper active in the group chat all summer long:


  • But instead, people (understandably) become engulfed in a summer job (which is inevitably why you had to come home in the first place to make money to BE at school with your friends):


  • Texting the GC when moments remind you of your BFFLs:


  • Feeling like if you’re not physically there to make memories, the least you can do is hype your friends up and remind each one of them how freaking fierce and exceptional they are through the wonders of the ‘gram:

  • Having time to think of killer summer birthday gifts and pouring all the love into it:


  • Knowing that time away from your friends gives time to have funny stories happen to share with them IRL next time you’re reunited:

  • Getting bit with the spontaneity bug and then having road trips thwarted by work schedules:


  • Feeling the urge to count the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and SECONDS until you can have a loving dog-pile:


  • But ultimately knowing that with a love like this, distance will never be that much of an issue for long and bonds will stay strong:

So far, this summer has been pretty eventful. But, as you probably can tell after reading this article, one highly anticipated event will be the reunion of the whole squad in Winona!