Spring Break Staycation Bucket List

Many people go to warm, new places for spring break and come back with stories, whether entertaining, embarrassing or maybe even both. Here is a photo to help you think of warm places:

For the rest of us, we will either stay in Winona or go back home, which is usually still in the cold Midwest, and return with our boring “yeah, I just worked” stories.

Well I’m here to give a you a mini bucket list that you can complete during spring break if you will be staying at or near home for the week.

  1. Start (and possibly finish) a new book.

  1. Take a day trip to a town you have never been to (or one that you have always wanted to go to) that is relatively close to where you are staying for spring break.

  2. Explore your hometown (you may find a new favorite spot to hang out when you return home for the summer).

  3. Update your resume and/or LinkedIn profile.

  1. Figure out your schedule(s) for Fall 2018 if you will be attending WSU next semester. Registration will come sooner than you think!

  2. Visit your grandparents (or any family members). I bet they would love to see you and appreciate that you took the time to go out and see them!

  3. Look for a summer job or possible internships if your major requires that you complete an internship.

  4. Binge-watch a show you have never seen that is on your list.

  5. Surprise your parents and cook dinner for them if you are going home.

Hopefully this mini bucket list will give you some ideas of what to do while you are on spring break so you have some stories to tell your friends when you return to Winona!