Spooky Space Occurrences: 11 Eerie Events Outside Earth

Not only is the space beyond Earth infinite, but it also holds many mysteries and strange occurrences. In honor of National Space Day, let us take a look at some of the eerie aspects of nature that take place in space. 


1. Wicked Witch of the Infinite Space

First up is this wicked view of the Screaming Witch Head Nebula, scientifically known as IC2118. It can be found in the popular Orion constellation near the “knee” of the mythologically-inspired constellation. Getting its common name from its shape, the Screaming Witch Head Nebula appears to be a witch’s profile screaming into space. 


2. Once Dead But Brought Back To Life

Tycho is a hot expanding nebula. This type of explosion, called a Type Ia Supernova, helps scientists study dark energy in space. Nicknamed Zombie Stars, these stars give off an eerie feeling due to their intense color and creation.


3. Jupiter is the Life-Saver of Earth

Without Jupiter, Earth would most likely have been obliterated by now. Due to Jupiter’s high gravitational pull, Earth has escaped asteroids and other harmful objects from space. From me to Jupiter, thank you very much for your constant, life-saving work!


4. Humans Are (Kinda) Time Travelers

Okay, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. However, many of us have heard this since we were kids; when we look at the stars in the night sky, we are looking back at the past. Sirius, a star constellation that can be seen with the naked eye, is 8.6 light years away. This means that the light you are seeing from looking at the star is from over eight years ago.


5. Time Changes

I don’t know about you, but this part about space always trips me up—--no pun intended. This theory is known as Time Dilation based on Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Depending on the location in space, time isn’t the same as Earth.


6. Space Alters DNA

Scott Kelly, a one-year resident on the International Space Station, returned to Earth with altered DNA. His once identical twin is no longer identical to him.


7. Spacesuit Drowning

Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut, nearly drowned in his spacesuit on July 16 in 2013. His space helmet filled with water resulting in his ears, eyes, nose and part of his mouth to be covered. After close investigation, NASA blamed the water leakage on a clogged filter, but they didn’t have an explanation for what contaminated the filter.


8. Galactic Cannibalism

Galactic Cannibalism is the term given when one smaller galaxy is merged with another larger galaxy creating an even bigger galaxy. There is one large galaxy, called WISE J224607.55-052634.9, that is eating three of its smaller, neighboring galaxies.


9. Horrific Black Holes

The gravitational pull of black holes is so strong that even light doesn’t escape. Many galaxies have black holes in their center consuming any matter that comes close. As if that wasn’t scary enough, there is such a thing as “rogue” black holes. These black holes wander the galaxy devouring matter as they go. Scientists track these black holes by detecting the disappearance of and the effect on nearby matter.


10. Colder Than The Chilliest Minnesota Winter

As Minnesotans, many of us know how to deal with the cold. However, take the coldest recorded Minnesota winter, -67 degrees Fahrenheit with windchill, and multiply it by over six, and that is how cold the coldest star, the Boomerang Nebula, is. 


11. Chaotic Strange Matter

The smallest unit known to man is a quark inside the nucleus of an atom. Quarks exist in a trio under normal circumstances. When giant stars leave behind remnants called neutron stars, the atoms inside collapse due to the extreme gravitational force. After the atoms’ nuclear boundaries collapse, the quarks are no longer contained to the walls of the nucleus. In hyper-pressurized neutron stars’ cores, three types of quarks can combine creating strange matter. This strange matter is immune to any form of erosion or damage known to man.


I am, by no means, an expert in astrophysics or anything space related. However, I do have an extreme passion for space, and I hope you enjoyed these eerie events. 


Now, I am going to slip back into my bed and enjoy some cookie dough while trying not to think about the spooky space occurrences that happen beyond the protective dome we all Earth.