Spooky Season is Starting: 10 Fun Halloween-Themed Food Items

The second October starts, I feel the need to make spooky snacks, decorate my apartment and watch scary movies. The holiday season allows my imagination to run wild with no limitations. Below are 10 spooky snack creations that will appease the Halloween lovers!

  1. 1. Spooky Pizza Bites

    Here is your classic party favorite with a twist! It is pizza bites that look like coffins, pumpkins, mummies and bones!

  2. 2. Spider Web Chip Dip

    Take a dip into a fall flavortown with this 7-layer chip dip! It is a popular chip dip that is Halloween-themed, which makes it ten times better!

  3. 3. Spaghetti Monster

    The kids, teens and adults will all love this one. It is a spooky twist on a classic spaghetti!

  4. 4. Bacon Jalapeno Bite Mummies

    Spooky and spicy in the same food?! Yes, please!

  5. 5. Jack O' Lantern Chip Dip

    Here is another chip dip recipe with an adorable and gross disguise.

  6. 6. Cheese and Meat Skeleton Tray

    While I don’t like the idea of eating guts, I want nothing more than to dive into the tasty goodness of this skeleton’s spilling body parts—cheese, meat and crackers!

  7. 7. Jack O' Lantern Quesadilla

    This Jack O’ Lantern quesadilla already has my mouth spread into a smile and my eyes widening!

  8. 8. Mummies in a Blanket

    This quick Halloween hack is one way to easily set the mood for your spooky party!

  9. 9. Candy Corn Rice Krispies

    These candy corn rice krispie treats will satisfy the kids’ sweet tooths and the adults’ Halloween fever!

  10. 10. Bloody Cupcakes

    Before you spill on out of this creepy article, take a look at these bloody cupcakes! 

Whoever said simple isn’t fun has obviously never tried these Halloween hacks! Not only will you love making these easy party foods, but your guests will love the creativity! Happy spooky season, my lovely witches and wizards!