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Significant Holidays with Your Significant Other

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend in college is new and exciting, but it can be a little scary to bring them home for the first time. Having them meet your parents is one thing, but bringing them to the first family holiday is a whole new ball game. These 12 gifs summarize the first significant holiday with your significant other.


1. Worrying about your sweaty palms every time someone goes in for a handshake.

2. Sticking close to the younger kids because you know they won’t pelt you with questions and judge you like the adults will.

3. Making sure to LOVE all the food that you’re served (even when it’s awful and just not your own families good ol’ recipes).

4. Laughing at all the family stories even though you have no idea who Aunt Becky’s third-cousin-twice-removed is.

5. Trying your absolute hardest not to get wine tipsy while you’re trying to make a good impression on the S.O.’s fam, and/or trying to not be rude and deny another glass of wine.

6. When you hear your S.O. telling their entire family an embarrassing story about you… AND to think you were JUST starting to get comfortable there.

8. Then hearing new stories about your S.O. that maybe you didn’t want to hear.

9. Trying to think fast when everyone asks questions about your life, school and everything you do in life, but your mind goes completely blank.

10. Making your S.O. remind you over and over that their family DOES indeed like you and that you have nothing to worry about.

11. Finally settling in, relaxing, and loving your S.O.’s fam.

12. And at the end of the day, loving your S.O. even more than before the hectic holidays.

Holidays with a S.O. can be crazy, hectic, and stressful. But in the end, it’s such an amazing experience to get to celebrate the family traditions of the one you love. Embrace the experience and be thankful that you can still always go to your own families traditions, and in the future make all new traditions if you want! Growing up brings all new experiences and adventures, jump in headfirst and let these new experiences be fun and exciting instead of stressful and scary!  



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