Shoes For Success

It’s not the amount of shoes you own--it’s the quality, the performance and the attitude that they will project onto you. Yeah it’s great when you find shoes that are cheaper than some bottled water (aka Old Navy flip-flops), but don’t go crazy because honestly they will just take up room in your closet and give off a rubbery smell. Save the extra cash and closet space for the essentials, more specifically the five essential shoes every professional should own.

1.     Flats

So you’re a professional; maybe you have a big fancy desk that you get to sit in all day, but you still need to get up to refill your coffee cup or make some copies…so the best shoes for a day on your feet are some good flats. If you’re buying your first pair, go for something semi-neutral, like black, gray, nude or a subtle pattern. If you are feeling bold, try a super-pointed toe. The overall goal for this is the comfort so make sure you walk around in them at the store before you make the commitment.

2.     Pumps

Here’s a little history lesson for ya: pumps have existed in one form or another since the 1600s and were first worn by men. Fast forward to the 1900s: the early pairs were accentuated with low chunky heels. Gradually morphing from round toes to pointy toes and back over the decades, they continue to reach heel heights that some of us would only dare to walk on. Wear these heels to the best of your ability. Don’t compare your heel height to others; just rock what you can. Whatever height you wear will make you look like you have legs for days so try wearing them with some nice dress jeans or chinos. Pumps can create a powerful statement, particularly if the heel is high and the toe is narrow. They always make the perfect partner for your day-to-day work look.

3.     High-Heeled Booties

Not only can boots keep us warm in the cold weather of Minnesota, but they can also look incredibly chic when worn with the right outfit. If you are tall and blessed with long, slim legs (sigh), a taller style will suit you perfectly. But if your legs are not quite as long or as slim as you’d like, then a chic, sassy little bootie will serve you and your legs better.

4.     Masculine Lace-Up Shoes

The menswear trend has hit a high point in fashion today, and with it comes the shoes in many creative versions. Wear these shoes if you are willing to stand out. Rock out a masculine tailored trouser suit with a chic pair of classic brogues, or try a high-heeled pair with a very feminine dress or sexy skirt for contrast.

5.     Sneakers

No. Not the shoes you wear to play sports or exercise. I’m talking about those comfortable, cool kicks that serve our feet well on more casual outings. Some of the classics are Vans, Keds, Converse and Adidas sneakers. They make a great stand-in for a more polished shoe with denim, trousers and even skirts and give every outfit an easy, carefree look. While sneakers work in any casual capacity, try lacing on a pair with your chinos. Sneakers come in so many different colors and materials, so turn a basic look into a show-stopping moment.