Scene It: Casting My Celebrity Crushes in Popular Rom-Com Tropes

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” said probably every director of a romantic comedy. When you have a winning formula, there’s no need to change the variables of vibrant meet-cutes and steamy shower scenes.


This week, I’ll be looking at some movie tropes presented in this Cosmopolitan article and casting my own Hollywood crushes in these ten scenarios. I will also be summarizing the tropes in a new way from the article that I drew inspo.


  • For the moment when my heart starts drawing blueprints for my dreamy architect boyfriend… enter Michael B. Jordan

If you’ve seen this Adonis of a man in the Creed movies, you’d know his chiseled physique is more than capable of throwing up drywall and floorboards. Of course, he’ll then use those big, buff biceps to carry me over the threshold of the house he just built me as we live in marital bliss.


  • For the moment my quirky roommate happens to be home as my nondescript Hollywood hunk and I come home… enter Beanie Feldstein

I fell in love with her during her role in Booksmart, and I think our energies would vibe well. I also think she’d definitely be down to chit-chat about my relationship over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.


  • For the man I want booking it through countless airport terminals to reach me in a flurry of emotion (and exhaustion, no doubt)... enter Henry Golding

He made my heart soar in Last Christmas, and I can see him delivering a very touching monologue about our time together and how I better not get on that plane before I’m propelled into a deep dip-kiss combo that’ll make me drop my boarding pass and all reservations that I could ever live without him.


  • For the complete opposite love interest who I detest until I intensely desire nobody except him… enter Ryan Gosling

I can’t tell you exactly what our differences are, but I can only imagine how we’d go about settling them. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


  • For the dreamy male best friend who I had no idea was into me until it really mattered, aka the boy next door… enter Dylan Llewellyn

This adorable guy was one of my favorites from Derry Girls. I just know the companionship-turned-romance would be so strong with him, and the realization that he was right under my nose the whole time would just about make me melt… not to mention: the accent!


  • For what I can only imagine would be freezing (but cute), my rainstorm kissing companion… enter Jonathan Bailey

Falling deeply for this Bridgerton babe, I can only imagine what a deluge of fun this would be. He obviously wouldn’t have his signature sideburns from the show, though. 


  • For all the moments I need perfectly-timed one-liners and advice rolled into one… enter Dan Levy

His portrayal of David Rose in Schitt’s Creek made him a shoo-in to be my platonic male love who gives me endless amounts of advice and humor. Plus, he could 100% consult me on date outfits.


  • For someone who I could see myself running towards after a perfectly timed flash mob… enter James Marsden

This man captured my heart as Corny Collins in Hairspray, so I know I’d have to Ultraclutch (it’s a movie reference) my heart after he busted a move right into a relationship with me.


  • For the fierce friend who I’d let make me over in the hopes it would attract the perfect person… enter Nicola Coughlan

Yes, I did develop the intense desire to be her friend both from Bridgerton and Derry Girls because I see a lot of myself in her. I think Nicola would be the perfect person to hype me up and still remind me that the right guy wouldn’t need a makeover to see me as someone worth falling head over heels for.


  • For the partner I’d want to wake up to after a coma or bout of amnesia… enter Logan Lerman

Those piercing blue eyes? Oh yeah, I’d have no problem falling deeply into those as I rose to consciousness again from whatever tragic accident landed me in a state of disarray. 


Although I cannot unfortunately really cast these love interests into my life, a girl can dream on the big screen!