Sarah Roberts: Go Getter

A junior from Elgin, MN with a major in Nursing. Sarah Roberts is known to go above and beyond to make sure she's able to give everyone 100% at all times! Let's see just what this go getter is all about!

Her Campus (HC): What makes you most excited for this upcoming school year?

Sarah Roberts (SR): I am excited for all our sorority happenings. I really enjoy being a part of Phi Theta Chi, and I love that this semester I will be taking on the role of bonding our sisterhood. The sorority means a lot to me and I cannot wait to create more memories with my wonderful sisters.


HC: Are there any other organizations that you are involved with on campus?

SR: Currently just Phi Theta Chi sorority.


HC: What position/positions do you have in the sorority, if any?

SR: I am the sorority’s President as well as Our Sisterhood chair.


HC: What is it like taking on two important positions in the sorority?

SR: To take on any position, you need to be committed to the sorority and you need to really love being in it. It requires a lot of time and dedication. Sisters look to me to have answers or solutions to problems, and I need to be able to provide them with these. It isn’t always easy, but I’ve really enjoyed, so far, being one of the people that others come to.HC: What things are you most excited for with the sorority for this year?

SR: I really love all our events that we put on throughout the year for our philanthropies. Our four philanthropies mean a lot to me, as well as to each of our sisters, so raising money for them is both fun and meaningful. I also love bonding with my sisters, whether over a cup of coffee or at a movie night, so I look forward to making those memories as well.


Looks like Sarah Roberts is really a go-getter! We can’t wait to see what this school year holds for you and Phi Theta Chi Sorority!