Rolling in the Dough(nuts): Top 10 Treats I’ve Had across the U.S.

While having massive amounts of money—or dough—would be nice, the second best thing to roll in would be doughnuts


To honor the whole, or should I say hole, day dedicated to doughnuts on Nov. 5, I wrote about my favorite spots for these sweet treats in many of my favorite states. 



Back when my family and I used to all take our spring break vacation to visit my grandparents, this spot for doughnuts became a fan-favorite. My personal favorite on the menu is called an “Orange Blossom,” which is a traditional cake doughnut with a zesty orange glaze on it, and it is perfect for Florida vibes. Sinking my teeth into one reminds me of all the sunshine-y good times I have in the Sunshine State.



Most of the Illinois places were ones I visited with my bestie Jess as we devoured our way through the city on our famous “sugar crawls,” as we like to call them. Firecakes has a crazy selection of cereal treats and other crazy concoctions. While I haven’t been in awhile, I can always count on them to have some seasonal sweets.


In my opinion, this is the epitome of the classic glazed doughnut. Its awesomeness is in the simplicity, which also makes me want to devour a half dozen just writing this. I loved going inside and watching the mesmerizing process of the glaze being perfectly and evenly distributed on every little doughy pillow of love.


  • Do-Rite Donuts—Chicago (West Loop): ‘Twas another sugar crawl that Jess and I encountered this quaint little place for doughnuts that I really do enjoy so much. The quiet atmosphere makes it perfect for a cup of joe and a couple of doughnuts with some conversation (and people watching) in the heart of the West Loop. 


  • Dunkin Donuts—Hometown: So this place may seem like they’re a dime-a-dozen, but truly (to me) there is nothing better than a caramel iced coffee—easy, sugar—with a blueberry cake doughnut. Nothing can compare to that.


  • Glazed and Infused—Lincoln Park: This leaves a doughnut hole (haha) in my heart to say that all these locations have closed down. Besides the stellar name, their doughnut creations will live on long past its untimely demise in my doughnut food diary. 


  • Stan's Donuts—Chicago: This place is also a chain, but it takes the cake for cutest packaging. One of the best I’ve had from there would be the Toffee Cake doughnut or any of their glazed old-fashioned ones. 



  • Glam Doll Donuts—Minneapolis: Another sugary adventure I’ve gone on with Jess was the first visit I made to MPLS to see her: Glam Doll Donuts. It was so aesthetically pleasing, and my doughnut was also really good. Despite the seemingly limitless options, I opted for a glazed old-fashioned cake there as well. I’m a confectionary creature of habit!


  • Bloedow's Bakery—Winona: This little bakery—that all who live in Winona know—has stolen my heart and my sweet tooth. Any time I need a pick-me-up or I’m literally being picked up from school is an excuse to snag a maple bacon bar or frosted cinnamon roll! Mmmmm.



  • Gordough's Public House—Austin: This was (and still is) the doughnut of my dreams. When my uncle and his family moved to the Austin area—which is known for the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”—I was unprepared for how flavor-packed all the doughnuts at Gordough’s would be. I have been to the food truck version and a restaurant version where you can eat the doughnuts as buns on burgers! My favorite creation I’ve had, though, is called the “Free Bird,” which has cheesecake filling, fresh fruit and graham cracker crumbles smothering almost the entirety of the treat. 


I hope you do-NUT forget to indulge in a doughnut on Nov. 5 and share in the confectionary celebration!



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