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Relatable: Having a Love/Hate Relationship with Your Job

Do you know what sucks? People. All peopleyes, even you. You might not even realize it, or, if you do, you might feel guilty about being a sucky person. I’m not talking about being an awful person or a terrible friend. You might be one or both of those things, but all retail workers know that people’s personalities change when they’re shopping inside a grocery store.


Some days, I don’t even want to go to work. It’s not because of bad weather (I’ve been living in Minnesota long enough to know how to get from point A to point B in rain, sleet, or snow);it’s because of the customers. One time, I had a customer come through my line and rudely tell me that if I didn’t like my job enough to smile then I needed to find a new job. Okay, Dorothy, maybe I wouldn’t look so ornery if you would stop swinging my damn carousel before I’m done packing your sh*t.


Once I go in the break room, I’m all smiles. Me, my coworkers, even my managers are cracking jokes and talking about the people who treated us badly throughout the day. Beware: we will remember your petty ass until the day we die, and we’ll tell everyone who will lend an ear about you.


So what do you do when you love who you work with but hate the customers you work for?


I look forward to seeing my coworkers. Sometimes the customers don’t bother me as much if I’m working alongside a friend that I can chit-chat with every once in a while. Even if I do have a really annoying customer, it’s a good story to tell everyone else.


Normal teenagers usually exchange playing card or numbers, but retail workers exchange tales of stupidity. Maybe you didn’t want to go into work today, but once the day’s over, it’s over. You won’t have anyone bothering you for the rest of the night (hopefully).


And then the cycle starts again the next day, when you swipe your badge and clock in. So, before those big doors open and you step out into a store full of idiots, take a deep breath, put your fake smile on for all those Dorothy’s, and get ready. XOXO



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