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Recreating the Kylie Jenner Halloween Skull with Affordable Products

Last week, James Charles, a beauty YouTuber, uploaded a Halloween makeup video with Kylie Jenner. The video got 16 million views, and I thought that the makeup look turned out really cool. There was only one problem: he used Kylie’s new Halloween collection to do the look which is something that I do not have and also do not plan on buying. Unfortunately, it is not in a student’s budget to buy 9 eyeshadows for $42 along with a $20 liquid eyeshadow. So I looked through the makeup that I owned and found a way to somewhat recreate the look using all very affordable products.



Through this article I am going to tell you how I got the look, what I used, and how much it would cost overall to recreate it using the affordable products.


Starting off, it is important to have a good base, so put on your favorite moisturizer/primer. Then put on your favorite foundationI used Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation ($4.68). Then apply concealer under the eyes and on the eyelid to prime for your eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($5.94). After this, set your eyes and the top of the face with a powderI used Rimmel Stay Matte Powder ($3.17). Now it is time to do your eyebrows with your favorite eyebrow productsI used the NYX eyebrow pencil ($8.99).


Now it is time to move on to eyeshadow! For all of the eyeshadow for the eyes and the skull, I used the Jaclyn Hill palette by Morphe. This is a palette I have had for awhile, so please ignore how dirty it is, because it is well loved. And, it is $38 for 35 eyeshadows, which is a much better deal than the Kylie Cosmetics one. The Morphe website also has discount codes that are connected with different beauty influencers. For example, if you wanted to use James Charles’ code, you would use code JAMES and get 10% off. This would bring the palette down to $34.20 and would make each eyeshadow color about $1.



I included a picture of my palette with each color that I used, and labeled them for what I used it for to help you follow along better.


This eyeshadow look was surprisingly not that complicated. First, I used a mixture of the two crease colors and generously blended those in the crease and over most of the lid. Once that is blended to your liking, I added the outer corner color in the outer corner to bring more definition to it. Next, I added a mixture of the two lid colors to the lid. Tip: If you want the shimmer shadows on the lid to look more metallic, you can wet your makeup brush with either a setting spray or water! Next, I added the purple color to the lower lashline and deepened up the crease with the darker outer corner color. Next, I added the highlight color to the inner corner and brow bone. Lastly, I added some mascara and the eye look was complete.



The actual skull part was incredibly simple with very few steps. First, use a white eyeliner or face paint to draw the outlines of the skullI used the Mehron white and black face paint which is $6.95 each on Amazon. At the end of the description, there are step-by-step pictures to illustrate what these look like. Next I started working on the skull teeth, which are honestly pretty hard for me. I am not the best with teeth but just a general tooth shape will look okay. From there, I added another white line to outline the jaw. Next, go along the white lines with black lines and fill in the nose with black a little. From there, take the purple eyeshadow from before and fill in the outlines, blending it in with the black. From there, I used black eyeshadow to make some shadows and fill in between the teeth to make them more defined.



Overall, I feel like this was a fairly easy Halloween makeup look to do, and it didn’t take me very long to do, either. So, if you are looking for a quick, easy, and affordable Halloween look to do, this one is for you! All of the products I used can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Ulta, and Amazon, so they are all pretty accessible to most people. Also, if you have a makeup routine and products that you like, the only things you would need for this look would be the eyeshadow palette and the face paint! Give it a tryyou might be surprised how much of an artist you actually are.


(Picture Source: https://www.instagram.com/jamescharles/?hl=en)

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