A Real Life Angel on Earth: Meet Angel Tarwoe

Name: Angel Tarwoe

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Health and Sociology


You could say I was #blessed with the opportunity to interview Angel Tarwoe. Besides being my best friend, which in and of itself is a full-time job, Angel is heavily involved on campus. She’s on the. . . Well why don’t I let her tell you herself.

Her Campus (HC): Are you a double Major?

Angel Tarwoe (AT): Yes!


(HC): Oh that’s interesting. Tell me about your majors; why’d you pick them?

(AT): Coming in I was studying political science, but over the summer I learned more about health, nutrition and our environment. I stumbled into veganism and found out that I cared more about public health and health in general. Then within my major of public health I had to take a sociology class and it opened my eyes to all the social issues going on around us.


(HC): I know you’re very passionate about being vegan, so can you please tell us a little about veganism and what it means to you?

(AT): Sure, veganism is choosing to not exploit animals in any way, shape, or form-which means not eating meat, dairy or eggs. But that also goes further; it’s also choosing not to buy products with leather/fur or products tested on animals.



(HC): What are some of your favorite vegan snacks?

(AT): I get a little lazy when it comes to vegan snacks, but during the summer I’d have to say mangos and bananas. During the school year I love chips and salsa. My friend Mercedes got me into doing this thing where you mash an avocado with salsa and she calls it quick guac and that’s pretty good too. Also Oreos; a lot of people don’t know that Oreos are vegan.


(HC): Lastly on the topic of veganism, if there’s one thing you’d like people to know about veganism what would it be?

(AT): That’s a good question. That it makes you feel so much better! You're filled with so much energy; it’s such a great lifestyle. Sometimes when people talk about the environment others try to make them sound crazy or over the top, but I don’t think it’s crazy to care about your home, and the earth is our home.


(HC): Okay let’s switch topics now since we’ve talked about your veganism and we’ve talked about your major. I guess my next question would be what are some activities that you’re involved with on campus?


(AT): I actually just joined a sorority! Tri Sigma, snaps to that (snaps fingers). I’m having a lot of fun being in a sorority and coming to college I never thought I’d wanna join, but it’s so much fun just getting to dress up and hang out with a bunch of girls who have similar interests as you. I get this sense of family that I had when I was on the dance team in high school and I love that. Also in the sense of dance I’m on the Hip Hop dance team here at Winona State. It’s really fun and it’s a nice break from school on Mondays and Thursdays. I love it so much; the girls are so fun and goofy. I’m also a community mentor on West Campus and I recently just joined an environmental club. So I think those are the four biggest things that I’m involved with.

(HC): You know the song “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce right?

(AT): Omg yes!


(HC): One of the questions she’s asked in the video is “what are your goals and aspirations in life?” So my question to you is what are your biggest goals and aspirations in life?

(AT): I love that question!! I think that in my younger years I’d first want to travel and become more cultured. For my career I hope to host my own tv show where I talk about social issues and real things going on in the world. Before I retire I’d want to become a professor for a couple years. Then when I finally do retire, I want to have an animal sanctuary in Hawaii with my husband and really just soak in the sun everyday. That’s pretty much it!


(HC): Well thanks so much Angel for speaking with us.

(AT): No problem!