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Rafael Narvaez: Sociology Professor

For anyone who is a Sociology major or minor, you have probably had at least one class with Rafael Narvaez, a professor who is passionate about what he is teaching and intrigues students one day at a time. Her Campus had the opportunity to ask Professor Narvaez some questions in order to get a better sense of who he is as a person, as well as why he decided to become a professor.

Where are you originally from?

Peru, from a small town in the northern Peruvian Sierras, Cajamarca. This is the place, by the way, where the Inca Empire fell to Francisco Pizarro.


What made you want to become a professor?

I like to have control over my time, to read, to study, and this kind of job allows for that. On the other hand, school made me a better person, a better father, a better citizen; it gave me immense satisfaction, pleasure, a sense of awe; it helped me figure out what is in fact important and what is trivial; it allows me to have better access to reality; it marked my life in fundamental and enduring ways, which made me realize that this was a job worth pursuing. Maybe I can help some students in these ways as well. 


Where did you get your degree/what did you go to school for?

From the New School in New York City. I got a Ph.D. in Sociology.

What is some advice you would give to students?

I usually refrain from giving advice, but if asked I would tell students this: if you think that school is only about getting a job, then school is failing you (maybe society itself is failing you).


What do you like to do in your free time?

Listen to music, read, work on new academic projects, hang out with my wife, kids and friends. I also like to cook and have wine.


What is one thing you can’t live without?



Now that you have gotten the opportunity to get to know Professor Narvaez a little bit more, do you think you’d be interested in taking one of his classes? Only way to find out is to take one and get to know this laid-back and very passionate professor!

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