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Profiles for the Profilers: Writing Criminal Minds Tinder Bios

If I were to ask any of my friends “What do you think Annie’s favorite TV show is?”, all of them would say My Little Pony


But in truth, my favorite show is Criminal Minds


With the rich backgrounds to each character the show has, this show makes my creative juices excited to see the next episode. Plus, it helps to have hot actors like Shemar Moore who played Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan, Kirsten Vangsness as the quirky Penelope Garcia, and Matthew Gray Gubler as the awkward yet intelligent Doctor Spencer Reid. My favorite character, by far, is Spencer. His quirky attitude, sharp tongue, and extreme intelligence make him a very appealing man to me. As I have been watching the show with my friend lately, I realized it would be fun to create Tinder bios for some of my favorite characters from the show. 


I will only be creating the bios of their profiles and only for a few of the characters. Criminal Minds has many characters who come and go throughout the series, so my profiles will be linked to the more “main” characters that I enjoy throughout the earlier seasons. They will be written like a Tinder bio, so from the point of view of the character. In cases where a character has left the show and no longer is working for the BAU, I will still write as if they are working for the BAU. These profiles will include: Derek Morgan—yes, I know he gets married—Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer Jareau—yes, I know she is married—and finally, Spencer Reid. 


Derek Morgan. 48 years old. I enjoy remodeling my properties in my free time, although most of my time is spent at work with my team at work. I work out a lot and enjoy protecting my friends/ team. I will treat you like the lady that you are.


Penelope Garcia. 44 years old. Don’t let my quirkiness fool you; I am a computer whiz. If I want to hack you, I will… so be careful. I was formerly known as “The Black Queen” and while I am still a queen, black is no longer my color.


Emily Prentiss. 51 years old. I am not looking for a husband, just a companion. I want someone who can make me laugh since I don’t do that much at work. My job is my life; if you can’t handle what I do, then you won’t be right for me. 


Aaron Hotchner. 50 years old. I have a son from my first marriage. His name is Jack. No, it was not a divorce… my former wife was shot and killed by a psychopath. I just want to find someone that will be good for me and my son Jack.


Jennifer Jareau. (No age) Looking for a cutie to spend time with away from my job in the media. Just want to spend time with someone.


Spencer Reid. 40 years old. I graduated high school when I was 12. I have 3 PhDs and 3 bachelor degrees. I have an eidetic memory, IQ of 187, and can read 20,000 words per minute. I have knowledge about many different topics and would be happy to divulge in my knowledge. 


For the profiles I used the base information given from the fandom wiki, so the ages I found are based on when the character was born and not the actor. I could not find a birthday for Jennifer Jareau, which is why she has no age. 


my name is Annie Zalewski, and I enjoy writing random stories. I write about artistry, hunting, and other random things I enjoy, or find appealing.
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