Picking Classes as Told by Gilmore Girls

If you’re anything like me, course registration is kind of a stress-induced struggle. It sucks having your classes fill up before you get a chance to pick, sometimes highly acclaimed professors stop teaching for a semester, or it’s just plain unenjoyable to think about footing the bill for class textbooks that you may or may not drop during grace period. Whatever your view is, check out this article about prepping for registration as told by GIFs from Gilmore Girls!


STEP ONE: Spend an excessive amount of time planning out your dream schedule, getting it organized to a T and giving yourself some semblance of stability in a stress-filled life.


STEP TWO: Realize that nobody gets their first picks and calmly look for replacement courses online. Remember to breathe; it’s not panic mode (yet).


STEP THREE: Wake up in a cold sweat thinking about graduation requirements, credit hours and how to maintain sanity. Proceed to review schedule, remove classes that are filled up, and look for waitlist classes.


STEP FOUR: Locate an obscene amount of coffee and draft a third, fourth, or fifth schedule if need be. Try not to have a caffeine-crazed cry fest.


STEP FIVE: Freak out because you’re only two days from your registration window opening, and you’re praying for the coveted last few seats to remain open!


STEP SIX: Consult your friends if becoming a stripper may be easier than school at this current juncture. Be talked down from dropping out (bonus points if you do this over a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s).


STEP SEVEN: Take a couple stress naps.


STEP EIGHT: Ask your advisor if you can jump the line on any waitlists... get denied.


STEP NINE: Wake up and play all your good mojo songs. You are primed for greatness--nothing can go wrong. You’ve drafted your schedule an unhealthy number of times, vented to friends, consulted actual staff members trained to help, stress-inhaled ice cream, napped in avoidance of registration. This is your moment. You are READY for this!


STEP TEN: You did it! Now you can relax until you have to complete this routine all over again for next semester. Do a happy dance!


Hope this fun little article gives some who have never picked college courses some humorous tips, gives those students who are currently going through this a relatable read, or even brings a smile to those who have been through the same experiences and know all too well. Happy registration!