A Photographer’s 5 Rules to Best Capture Prom Pictures

Every year, one of my favorite sessions to shoot as a photographer is prom! Don’t get me wrong, prom can be very overrated; however, when spring comes and the weather is warmer, I have ten times the energy to take pictures of people than I do in the winter. I love capturing prom day in particular, seeing everyone with their friends and significant others dressed up! I love the pretty dresses, the jewelry, and the makeup! The moment I first see everyone in their outfits is amazing, and I realize, as a photographer, how important this day is to others. If you’re trying to take prom pictures this season for someone, here are the five most important things to know beforehand!


1. Group Pictures

Group pictures are important when your client has a group they are going with because these are the people your client will be spending the night with. It’s usually a group of friends they hang out with—so, of course it’s important to take a picture of all of them to serve as a reminder of how they spent that night together.


2. Couple Portraits

If you don’t take pictures of any couples, you’re missing a very essential part of your client’s night. Unless they are going solo, you’re also responsible for helping them preserve the memories of a good night that they’ve had planned for months. From buying the dress to the corsage, couple photos will likely become a treasure to the client.


3. Individual Portraits

Individual portraits are just as important as senior pictures! Clients want individual pictures to share with their families, as well as with their friends! For boys, make sure to capture shots of them with suits and ties; and for ladies, it is a magical feeling to be in a picture-perfect dress, so let them shine! A photographer must capture an individual in prom so that clients won’t ever forget it!


4. The Setting

A great setting for prom pictures is a must! My prom, for example, was at Centennial Lake Park in Edina, which had super gorgeous views of green grass and pretty flowers surrounding us. The best picturesque places are outside when it’s either overcast or golden hour (which is approximately between 4 and 5 p.m.). If the pictures need to be indoors, make sure the lighting is bright enough to capture the best angles of your clients.


5. Little Details

Finally, the last thing you can’t forget while taking prom pictures are the little details. Whether it be the corsages, hairstyles, or the boutonnieres, these are little details that are vital to prom because they represent prom itself and the hard work everyone went through to achieve the end-goal.


Now that you have advice from a photographer, you’ve got everything you need to take the best prom pictures this spring season. Grab your camera and make someone’s dreams come true!