Penelope Garcia: Queen of Hearts

Let me start out by saying I love Criminal Minds. I have watched the whole series through at least twice. While I love that it is a show about a unit in the FBI profiling to stop serial killers, I also love the characters. I love all the characters, but Penelope Garcia is my favorite and below are the reasons why.

The images she looks at every day when deep diving into serial killers lives and their victims is not pleasant. To take her mind off the sadness, she looks at cute kitten pictures.

She is always there to give a team member a cheering-up hug (even if they don’t want one).

Her friendship with Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) was one of my favorite things about the show. When Derek was still a part of the team, they were adorable with their pet names for always being there for each other when they needed it.

Every time she answers the phone she makes me laugh out loud. Some of my favorites are “Oracle of Quantico. Speak if you deign to hear truth.” “He who seeks the Queen of All Knowledge, speak and be recognized.” and “Office of Unfettered Omniscience. Penelope Garcia is in. Speak, oh fortunate one.”

Penelope is colorful, witty and bright and I never want her to change. You keep being you, Miss Garcia.