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Paw-sitively Purr-fect Playlists: Music for Your Favorite Fidos and Felines

I’m not sure how new this is, but it recently came to my attention that Spotify has a feature where you can make a playlist for your pets. Although this may not be very interesting to you, I felt the strong urge to share this with the world in hopes that someone would be just as excited about this as I am.


To start, check out this link and follow the step-by-step directions to complete the perfect playlist for your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend. 


To complete the first step, you must pick your pet. They have a variety of options, which include your typical cat and dog as well as iguana, bird and hamster. After choosing their species, the software then asks you a variety of questions about their personality to help gauge their music taste. These questions include: relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly and apathetic or curious


Finally, you type in your pet’s name, add a photo and a few seconds later, Spotify generates a 30-song playlist based on your pet’s personality and your own personal music taste.


I made a playlist for my cat, JP, and I would say that the music fairly accurately represents her personality. JP is fairly relaxed (or should I say, lazy), a bit apprehensive of strangers and relatively apathetic when it comes to trying new things. As a result, her playlist includes many songs from my more mellow playlists and could honestly put you to sleep if you were in the right headspace for it. The only anomaly I found that interrupted the vibe of the playlist was “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” by BRS Kash. If you know this song, you know that it does not match the vibe. However, I still enjoy the vast majority of the playlist and hope JP will love it just as much as I do. I plan to share it with her when I move home at the end of the semester. But until then, check it out for yourself here and see if you and JP’s music tastes blend.


After making JP’s playlist, I was so enthralled by this invention that I also decided to try it out on my favorite fido, Cash. Cash is my boyfriend’s adorable dog; he’s a miniature Australian Shepherd and I just can’t brag about that enough. His playlist starkly contrasts JP’s because he is much more friendly, curious and energetic. As a result, his playlist was significantly different from hers. Cash’s playlist includes many more upbeat songs and reflects a happier tone than JP’s playlist. You can check out Cash’s pet playlist here.


Another addition to this pet playlist series includes my boyfriend’s version of Cash’s pet playlist. Although Cash’s personality is constant, Nick’s music taste is significantly different from mine. My version of Cash’s playlist was upbeat, but this was emphasized even more in Nick’s playlist because it is mostly centered around rap and hip-hop hype songs. Nonetheless, it still represents Cash accurately. You can listen to Nick’s version of Cash’s pet playlist here.


I especially enjoyed this experiment in the music world because it’s an amazing way to combine pets with their owners by reflecting the pet’s personality and the owner’s music taste. 


I’m so excited to share these playlists with JP and Cash, and I hope you have just as much fun generating your own playlists and sharing them with your own furry friends. 


Brianna Strohbehn is a junior at Winona State University and a small-town girl from central Iowa. Brianna is studying English, double majoring in writing and applied and professional writing with hopes of someday becoming an editor at a publishing firm. When she isn't writing, Brianna enjoys thrifting, reading, exploring her new home in Winona, and spending time with family and friends.
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