Overcoming Creative Obstacles: 5 Insta Profiles to Help You Out of a Rut

With winter right around the corner and the season of color and light coming to a close, it’s safe to say I have been caught in a serious creative rut. It’s hard to take insanely creative and inspirational Instagram posts when the weather is dropping to the teens. But have no fear, these are my top five Instagram users who are crazy creative and give me some serious inspiration for my next shoot… and hopefully will boost your own creative juices!



Grace Mattei (@thegracemattei)


Grace is an amazing photographer who not only posts her content on Instagram, but also she shows followers how she created and edited the content with small behind-the-scenes clips and tricks that she throws in at the end of her posts. Her feed is a pastel dream world and I envy the Arizona weather that she encounters for most of her shoots. Being a photographer myself, this is a must-follow account.



Jessica B. (@rusticbones)


I have just recently followed Jessica on IG, but her feed could make anybody book a flight to Colorado in a heartbeat. Jessica is fantastic at keeping a consistent theme, and her photography skills are to die for. Her page specifically makes me want to take a weekend trip to go camping in the mountains, I highly recommend following her if you’re an avid traveler and need some creative inspiration. 



Ashley (@best.dressed)


Need outfit inspiration for a date, business meeting or just your commute to class? Ashley is the go-to follow. I originally found Ashley on YouTube and have been an avid follower ever since. She does thrifting hauls, lighting tutorials, and she overall makes you feel like you’re not the only stressed-out college student in the world. Ashley recently graduated from UCLA with a film degree and is now living a life of adventure in Europe. Fashionistas, travel gurus and anybody with a stylish bone in their body need to give her a follow.



Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel)


Brandon. Woelfel. An amazing photographer and an even better editor. Brandon has been in the photography game for a while now, and there are a million YouTube videos on how to edit like him. His creative eye makes him stand out from the other photographers on IG, and his photography revolves around his love for pretty lights, crystals, smoke bombs and manipulated color schemes. Whenever I feel a lack of motivation or creativity, I always land on Brandon’s page. For even more information on Brandon, take a gander at to this awesome article that my friend Natalie wrote last year!



Sam Li (@samuelli)


I have been following Sam for about a year now, and his photography could inspire anybody. Based in Madison, Wisconsin (Go Bucky!), Sam always has a camera in hand. Recently he has been posting about his trip to Utah and the pictures are stunning. While traveling may not be the cheapest thing for the average college student, he also posts insanely unique pictures of Madison. His feed is one for the books, considering it’s all his amazing photography and gorgeous snaps of Madison.



Being stuck in a creative rut can be the most frustrating thing, but getting inspired is one of the most crucial parts of getting out of that mindset. I hope these Instagram users inspire and influence you just as much as they do for me.