An Open Letter to the One Who Gave Up on Me

Dear You,

        With thoughts and emotions so heavy I hope you read this with the full intent of understanding what I have to say. Hearing what I have to say may not have always been your strong suit, but what is left behind leaves novels of questions and heartache.

        I genuinely hope you have found peace and hopefulness. You went from telling me “I will never ever hurt you” to breaking every amount of trust I could have in a person. They always say nothing is ever what it seems, but it sure seemed like we had everything together. I will miss the late-night phone calls, sneaking out to see you and all the laughs we shared together, but as I attempt to relive those moments, I’m clouded by “I don’t love you anymore.”

        I gave up time with family, let friendships loosen their tight bond and lost all concern for those around me when you were in my presence. Though I thought I was so deeply in love, maybe I really wasn’t.

        That day you had had enough of me and let me go. Years of love didn’t make a difference, but I was foolish enough to think so and tried to get you back. You already had the control you wanted, but I gave you more. Love can be so blinding and bold, but love should never beg. Your heart was elsewhere and though I wanted what we had before, I should’ve respected MYSELF and walked away.

        Please, take care. Let yourself love unconditionally and don’t make promises you cannot keep. Love is not a game and I hope it finds you full and complete. Giving up on relationships and friendships is never easy, but sometimes necessary for you to live your life to the fullest.


Take care,