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Nobody Should’ve Known: Life is a Process of Letting Go

You should’ve known you had a reason to be scared as a broken-hearted girl that was trying to love again, but you ignored the fear. You’re scared because every time something that has made you this happy in the past has left you more broken-hearted than before. You ignore the red flags because he has said the things you’ve wanted to hear. He said things that made you want to believe him, you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. You ignore the red flags and you ignore the fear it’s causing you because all your life you’ve been told the decision that scares you more will eventually help you grow to be a better person. The fear will push you into an uncomfortable situation helping you learn more about yourself, but this situation just left you with regret. He didn’t help you grow, he belittled you, and you’ve become sadder, and more unfulfilled. You should’ve known this was going to occur again. 


Honestly, the goodbye isn’t always the hardest part, it’s learning how to live without their presence. It’s getting used to waking up without a notification from them saying that they miss you and cannot stop thinking about you. It’s getting used to not being their person anymore. Throughout this, you should know it’s going to feel like a bad dream you can’t wake up from, no matter how hard you fight. You tell yourself you should’ve known. However, how would you have known that the person that was the reason that stopped the previous tears was just going to ignite more. How should you have known he was going to just break you down after he built you up. 


Depending on how things ended, thoughts will continue to run through your mind, and you will wonder what you did wrong, or where you went wrong. You should know that it’s not just your fault because it took two to create the relationship and it took two to destroy the relationship. You should know that everything will fall into place and that you will feel like yourself again. Healing isn’t an easy process because the route has many up, down, and curvy paths. There is no due date to healing, so don’t rush it because you can’t rush perfection. You should know that the hurt hurts less, and you will learn that not everyone that comes into your life will have the same heart as you. You will learn why they had to leave your life sooner than you expected. You should know that you will learn a lesson from them, and it will, ultimately, better your future. 


Nobody should’ve known that the person who once caused butterflies would cause you to be sick to your stomach because your heart is breaking. This may be hard to believe, but don’t sit around and think about it. Please don’t beat yourself up because you need to pick yourself up. Odds are he isn’t thinking about you, so continue living life to the fullest because there will be someone down the road who will treat you how you deserve. You will stop thinking about him eventually, and soon he will just be someone you used to know. The memories will fade as well as your love for him. You should know that you will feel happy again, and ultimately this was a lesson learned to help you throughout life. Protect your golden heart once you get it back because very few deserve to see what your love is like.


My name is Katie Rodmyre! This is my second year in Her Campus as a sophomore majoring in English. I hope that one day I am shaping the young minds of high schoolers teaching English. I fill my time studying in the library, working as a nanny & a waitress, and lastly hanging with friends. I really hope you enjoy my thoughts, and experiences.
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