New Girl Gifs that Capture All the Feelings of the First Week after Winter Break

I think we all know the feeling. That feeling at the end of winter break when you are excited to go back to college and see your friends, but it hasn’t quite hit you that going back to school means actually school. That being said, the first week back in class can be kind of a slap in the face, and New Girl seems to know alllll the feelings of this crazy week.


When you get all of your due dates for the next four months in one day:

When you get the receipt for your textbooks:

When there’s a quiz due on Monday @ 11:59 but you haven’t...learned anything yet?

When you’ve been in Intro to Neuroscience for 20 minutes and realize there is nothing “intro” about it.

When someone raises their hand in lecture to correct the professor:

When you finally get to Painting for Beginners to get that art elective credit:

When you think a professor is going to be chill and then they hit you with a 10-page paper:

When your parents call and ask if you’ve been staying on top of your studying:

When a professor says attendance is mandatory:

When you look at your new schedule and contemplate if you REALLY want to get a degree:

When you’ve been jumping from class to work to the gym to the library all week:

When week one is finally OVA:

As much as we have all seriously considered dropping out during the first week of class, or how we have lived these gifs all too well, college is the best. At the end of the day, though, we are having the time of our lives. Drowning in stress? Oh, absolutely. But regardless, having the time of our lives.