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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

In honor of May 4th, I’ve decided to review two of the Star Wars-themed rides at Disney World. I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars but I make it a point to go on these rides whenever my family and I go to Disney World.

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues 

“Make the jump to hyperspace on a thrilling 3D space flight to legendary destinations from the Star Wars saga.” 

Star Tours is a 3D motion ride. It starts with C3PO entering a star tours ship and then the tour starts before he is able to get off. The Empire tries to stop the ship, claiming that one of the people riding is a rebel spy. R2D2 then takes control and we get away from the empire. A transmission comes in (the person speaking changes every time) and they enlist everyone to get the spy to the rebel alliance. R2D2 and C3PO then navigate different challenges before landing at the correct coordinates.

This is one of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios. I would go again and again and again and again. If my parents would allow it, I would just keep riding this for at least an hour just going again and again. My mom hates this ride because it is a 3D motion ride it makes her feel sick. However, my dad will ride with me any time I ask. 

When we sign up for Fast Passes, he makes a point to grab one for this ride. However, I have found that in the middle of the week around 2 pm there is no line and you can exit the ride and enter again with a two to three minute wait time. Usually, you are just waiting for the ride behind you to finish.

What I love about this ride is you usually get a different experience every time. One time we went underwater, another time we joined a Rebel-Empire battle, helping the rebels win. Other times, we navigated through a town. This ride is slightly jerky; if you have any sensitivity to movement or to 3D visual effects, then this ride is not for you. 

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

“Fly the Millennium Falcon on a thrilling interactive smuggling mission.”

Millennium Falcon is a true interactive ride. They take three groups of two to the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Two people are the Pilots, two people are the Gunners, and two people are the Engineers. No matter what role you have, you get buttons to push. A button would light up if it was damaged in the fight we were watching. Once you push the buttons it fixes the issues. At the end, there is a percentage, but I wasn’t sure what that was for.

I have only been on this ride once. It was fairly new in December 2021. Since my dad and I like Star Tours, he thought that we would like this ride. I did enjoy this ride. It was really jerky but very fun. When my dad and I rode, we were the Engineers. We sat at the back of the ride and had our buttons along the wall. The ride was fun and I did enjoy having something to do during the ride instead of just watching. I just had to be on the edge of my seat because the ride was so jerky. Ever since my surgery, I have to be extra careful of my back and if I sat normally in the hard plastic chairs I was worried that I would hurt my back.

Of course, there are other Star Wars rides at Disney World in Hollywood Studios but these are the ones that I’ve been on. No matter what, you won’t be disappointed. Have a great week and ay the force be with you.

My name is Sydney. I am currently a Junior at Winona State University. I love to write short stories and fantasy stories. I am an avid Disney fan.