National Nothing Day

You know those days where you feel like you should be social, but really you just want to stay in bed? You finally have an excuse: use January 16th as your day to do absolutely ~nothing~. Not even a spa day, a Nothing Day. If you’re like me and have trouble doing nothing all day, I’ll give you a few pointers to relax your mind and body for an entire day, without the guilt.


1.     To get myself in a complete lazy mood, I need a few days of the opposite: busyness. There are multiple ways I can achieve maximum occupancy. First, I start out my day by waking up early; this insures I can fully enjoy the 16th when I allow myself to sleep in.


2.     I then make a quick piece of toast while I get ready for the gym, maybe throw a load of laundry in. Then I head to the gym, making sure I put in slightly more effort than I normally do.


3.     Once I’m home, I eat an actual meal. I make something more complex than cereal - anything really.


4.     I proceed to accomplishing some daily chores such as unloading the dishwasher, finishing laundry, maybe vacuuming or picking up my room. Clean the bathroom if need be. Don’t forget a mandatory happy dance as you remember you won’t have to do this tomorrow.


5.     Time to shower! I figure I should wash my hair and shave today so I won’t have to tomorrow. I put on a nice outfit and simple makeup. (By keeping the makeup effortless, I can get a head start on my Nothing Day because I won’t have to take as long removing it at the end of the day.)


6.     So far, I have most of the day ahead of me. If I have work, then that’s really my last step. If I don’t work, I plan a fun-filled day with friends. This would look something like driving to a cute café or scenic area for optimal Instagram opportunities or skating in the winter/swimming in the summer.


7.     To end my day, I make sure I fully prep for the following day. I take off all my makeup, maybe do a face mask, get in pajamas that I can even wear during the day so I won’t have to change, and slap on an eye mask to insure the bright sun doesn't wake me up.


These 7 steps should fully prep you for your day of nothing. On this day, I like to lay in bed without getting up except to use the bathroom or eat…this means not even washing my face or brushing my teeth. Get comfy and pull out your list of movies to watch. Cheers, National Day of Nothing!