National Education Week: 5 Reasons Teaching Is the Best Career

People don’t become teachers for the money or the fame—becoming a teacher is a humble profession. The teachers you see in the classroom today were once sitting at a desk, just like all of us did at one point or another. Some people have known since they were little that they wanted to be a teacher, and others realized they wanted to be a teacher when they realized the impact teachers have on students’ lives. Teachers, in the long run, are the most down-to-earth people you may ever meet. In honor of National Education Week, here are five reasons teaching is the best career.


They have the ability to transform students’ lives.

Think back to your high school, middle school, or even elementary school year. Think of all the teachers you had. My guess is, you can’t remember all of them, and that is okay! However, I am sure you can name, or at least picture, one teacher who affected you in some type of way. Two of my high school English teachers, Mr. Bang and Mrs. Gross, allowed me the opportunity to have a safe space where I could escape into my reading and writing. Sometimes they would let me stay after school to do homework or projects in their room. Other times, it was just their smile that shed positivity into my life when I didn’t have a lot at home. Whether little actions or big actions, teachers have the ability to affect students’ lives.


Teachers can be creative in their classrooms.

From decorating a classroom to designing a lesson plan, teachers do it all. This gives them the ability to try new, creative things like rearrange the desks, invent a project or even watch a new video or movie.


Teachers are constantly learning new things.

Teaching isn’t the only job teachers have to do. They also have to keep up with political issues, community problems, new teaching strategies and basically any other thing that affects their students in and out of the classroom.


They don’t have to be serious all the time.

Whether they are teaching younger kids or teenagers, teachers are able to joke around every once in a while. They spend their days with children, so it is only natural that they get to joke around sometimes. Mr. Bang’s class was constantly filled with laughs and learning.


Teachers get to see students’ progress in life.

When students graduate, there are two types of graduates. The first type of graduate will move their tassel, throw their cap, walk out the doors and never look back. The second type of graduate will cry at graduation, take lots of pictures and keep in contact with their teachers through letters, emails, etc. I, as you can probably expect, am the second type of graduate. I write letters back and forth with my high school advanced chemistry teacher, Mr. Voeltz, and I email and sometimes visit Mrs. Gross. My high school teachers are able to see my life change—complete with the ups and the downs.


Overall, teachers have the opportunity to have fun and influence students’ lives in and out of the classroom. Although being a teacher has rewarding moments, it can also have its tough days. Please take a moment this week to thank your teachers—previous or present. To the future and current teachers out there, thank you for your continued dedication to the profession that shapes the minds of future generations!



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