HC Winona writer Jada Escalera and her boyfriend Aleck in sunflower field

National Boyfriend Day: The Greatest Support

It started at the track. 


I had gone to the track with one of my closest friends Amya because she rides dirtbikes and wanted me to come with her to the track to see her ride. There, I met Aleck, a sweet, goofy boy. We started talking every day, even though we lived two hours from each other. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, but we went for it. As of now, we have been together for a whole year and nine months. 


Over this time, my boyfriend has become my best friend and greatest supporter. He has shown up for me when I needed him the most, willing to drive hours to spend the weekend with me. He’s planned trips for us to enjoy together and stopped every hour on a nine-hour road trip so I could get more snacks. He makes food and serves it when I have to study all day for an exam. He makes me laugh when I’m frustrated because he knows it helps. Aleck deals with my sassy attitude, dishing it right back. He is an amazing person and boyfriend. Not only is he a goofy sweetheart, but he is also hard-working, strong-willed, smart and extremely caring. 


Not only does my boyfriend care for me but he cares for my family. He’s more than happy to help my grandmother around the house: fixing her toilet, bringing in groceries, and other small acts that show how great of a man he is. Aleck likes to spend time with my family, hanging out with my sister and cousins, and going to dinner with my mom and grandma. He always listens when they talk his ear off, and he’s just as sarcastic as them. Spending time with my family means you have to be witty and able to take a joke, but Aleck is better at telling the jokes than they are. The fact that he gets along with them all and loves to do so shows me just how great he is, and it shows them how great he is with me.


Having someone who supports you, cheers you on, appreciates you and loves you cannot be taken for granted. So on National Boyfriend Day, tell your boyfriend, or even significant other, how much you value them! This day doesn’t need to be a large celebration, just an extra act of love will do.