Most Epic “Stranger Things” Moments

        Well people, it is almost time for Stranger Things 2. We’ve waited a long time to find out what is still wrong with Will, if Eleven comes back, and if the Upside Down really isn’t destroyed. Part 2 is released on Netflix this Friday, October 27. To relive Part 1, here are some of the most epic (or freaky) moments from the first season.

1.     When Eleven stole the Eggos from the grocery store and got away with it.

2.     When Will first communicates with Joyce through the lights.

3.     When Eleven made Mike’s bully pee his pants.

4.     When Eleven owned the bullies (again) after saving Mike.

5.     When Steve owned up to his mistakes just in time to help Nancy and Jonathan.

6.     When the demogorgon was lit on fire.

7.     When Eleven destroyed the demogorgon.

8.     Any time the lights started flashing.

9.     And when Dustin defended Eleven and said that she’s their friend.


Grab your blankets, pop your popcorn, gather your friends, and get ready to binge-watch Stranger Things 2. And hopefully….


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