Mississippi Sippin' in Winona

Not being from Winona and only living here for school, I would have never thought about the fact that the city of Winona puts on events that college students may actually want to go to. It came as a surprise to me that I was able to find such an event that caught my attention, and that event is known as Mississippi Sippin’.

This event is held at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum which is right off of the Mississippi river. It occurs every first and third Tuesday of every month, starting in May and ending in September. Jefferson’s Pub and Grill provides the wine and even has some food available for purchase.

I was lucky enough to have found this event just in time to be able to experience it. It may have only been one time, but I only have to wait until May to be able to go again. They have selections of white and red wines to choose from, and each glass is only $5. It was nice to be able to sit at a table with one of my friends and just enjoy the fall weather.

Another upside to this event: if you are able to come before the event officially starts, you can check out the Minnesota Marine Art Museum for free! This is because the museum is free on Tuesdays for anyone who wants to come and see it.

This is something that I would definitely go to again if given the opportunity. I think anyone who is college-aged would love this affordable event; it is right off the riverwalk with a fantastic view of the Mississippi! Happy Sippin’!