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Missing You: A Poem about a Faded Friendship

I miss you already,


And you’re not even gone yet.


My most memorable day with you was when we went exploring the radio tower, laughing at the way the dark, eerie hallways echoed our voices as we called out to each other. When we walked outside, we couldn’t help but admire the sky that was so brilliant with fiery oranges and hot pinks. We fed the ducks that day and played hide and seek in the science building like we were kids again.


It broke my heart when you told me about it, and I felt so guilty for not noticing how one of my best friends was changing right in front of my eyes.


When you told me that you were leaving, I dreaded when I had to say goodbye, but I knew it was for the best.


Now that spring break is here, I’m reminiscing the memories that I’ll always share with you: all the band rehearsals, the walks to Lakeview, the late night drives blasting Charlie Puth. Even though a lot has happened in the time we’ve known each other, I’m glad for the bond we made because of it.


Spring break is here, and despite the hard times, this has to be the most difficult break our friendship has ever endured.


Most students have the pleasure of missing their friends for a week, but I have the misfortune of not knowing how long I will have to miss you.


I wish you the greatest journey, and I will count down the days until I can finally bug you again.


With love,


Allie is a senior at Winona State, majoring in Social Work and minoring in Child Advocacy Studies. If a professional were to ask her what her goals in life were, she'd probably tell them that she wants to work in a high school helping teens. However, her less-professional goals are to own a Tesla and to shop exclusively at Target and Ikea. In her free time, Allie can usually be found scrolling through TikTok and fighting social injustices, both of which are known to make her late to work.
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