Meet Joe Lieser: Ski/Snowboard Club President

Name: Joe Lieser

Major: Marketing

Minor: Professional sales

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota


HC:  How would you describe yourself?

Joe:  I would describe myself as an outgoing, respectful, and positive person. Some stuff I like to do outside of school is golf, ski/snowboard, work out, and hang out with my friends.

HC:  How did you get involved in the Ski/Snowboard club?

Joe:  My freshman year at WSU there was a ski and snowboard club trip that was going out west and I thought it would be something fun to try because I could ski at Steamboat, Colorado where I had never been before. I chose to join this club because it gave me an opportunity as a freshman to meet a lot of other people here at WSU that enjoy doing something that I love.

HC:  How did you become the president?

Joe:  My junior year the position as president was open because the current president was graduating. I volunteered to be president and had to give a quick speech about why I should be president of the club and ended up getting the position.

HC:  How long did it take you to become the president?

Joe:  Two years.


HC:  What is the Ski/Snowboard club? What types of things does it involve?  How would you describe it?

Joe:  The Ski and Snowboard Club aims to involve everyone interested in skiing and snowboarding.  The club consists of members at every level of the sport.  Every school year we organize trips that give club members the opportunity to experience snowboarding and skiing in different areas of the Midwest and out West. To achieve such trips, the Club is involved in different fundraising activities.

HC:  Tell us about your upcoming trip to Copper Mountain!

Joe:  We have a trip over winter break to Copper Mountain, CO. The dates for the trip are January 2nd-7th and it costs $682. That price includes transportation there and back, ski-in ski-out condos, and 4 all-day lift tickets. The trip is open to anyone, whether they are a WSU student or not, to experience what it’s like to shred out west in the mountains.

HC:  What other types of hobbies or interests do you have besides skiing or snowboarding?

Joe:  Golf, longboarding, working out, frisbee golfing, watching movies, and reading.

HC:  What are things you will miss most about Winona State after you graduate?

Joe:  I will miss the student body and all the people that I have met over the time because some of them you may never see again. Another thing I am going to miss is how small and close everything is.

HC:  What are your plans after graduation?

Joe:  I am currently in the process of finding a job in the sales industry.

This or That Quick answers!!

HC:  Dog or cat?

Joe:  Dog.

HC:  Work hard or play hard?

Joe:  Both. You have to work hard to play hard.

HC:  Early bird or night owl?

Joe:  Night owl.

HC:  Skiing or snowboarding?

Joe:  I enjoy doing both but prefer skiing.