Mayochup, where you at?

I always thought my mom was such an oddball for eating her burgers with mayonnaise and ketchup. Of course I tried it, and of course I liked it. I quickly came to the conclusion that no fry is complete without its complementary combination of mayonnaise and ketchup. I then thought my family was just a bit odd because I didn’t know anyone else this smart. It wasn’t long (only like five years…) until I found out that everyone in Europe eats like this. Say what!? I always assumed they had it in a nice squeezy bottle. Look no further for this nice squeezy bottle, because Heinz has hit the jackpot.  


Recent articles on Mayochup have told me this crown-worthy combo is coming to the States! Heinz is the mad-mind behind this long-awaited gift. Heinz Mayochup isn’t yet sold on the shelves, but it’s on their website. Don’t like the name? No worries—they have almost 100 different names on the bottle of this pink product. My favorite has to be “Tomayo”. In Puerto Rico, they call this blend “MayoKetchup”; it’s been around for years and hasn’t lost its fame.


The news articles I read were last published in April of 2018. Um, excuse me? It has been five months since Heinz has told us they’ll be offering Mayochup. That also means there’s only about three months left of 2018! Elite Daily News states, “Heinz confirmed on Twitter that Mayochup is definitely coming to the United States in 2018”1. The Heinz website offers all these options, but they’re not available to purchase yet. Looks like we’ll have to stick with our makeshift ketchup and mayonnaise, America. Until then, let’s get lost in the sauce with a few foods to munch on this mixture with!


1. Tostones.

Tostones are twice-fried green plantains. It’s common to eat this healthy chip with a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and garlic salt as dipping sauce. Find the recipe here!


2. Chicken Tenders.

Most people enjoy their chicken with barbeque sauce in America, but in other areas of the world, Mayochup (also known as Fry Sauce) is popular for chicken tenders. The sauce is slightly altered for these chicken fingers! Check it out here.


There are many other things you could add Mayochup to—basically anything you would eat ketchup with! This includes burgers, fries, maybe even mac ‘n cheese. Wherever you’re from, get hungry with this funky fusion and add different seasonings to spice things up. And of course, keep an eye open for that Heinz release date!




1: Rosenberg, L. 25 April 2018. Elite Daily “When Is Heinz Mayochup Coming To The United States? It’ll Be Here Before You Know It”.