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Apple Pie
Apple Pie
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Math Is Mouth-Watering: 5 Pies I Could Eat 3.14 Pieces of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

As a journalism major, it sometimes feels beyond me to pay attention to the mathematical significance of certain celebratory days… that is, until the name of the day, March 14 to be exact, is Pi Day and sounds like one of my favorite desserts.


For this year’s Pi Day, I’m writing a list of some of my favorite flavors that I could eat 3.14 pieces of, which are the first three digits in the number pi.


  • Key Lime Pie—I think part of where my love for this pie comes from is spring breaks spent visiting my grandparents down in Florida. Now that they live there full time, I hope they relish in the fact that they can eat this flavorful Floridian dessert whenever they want from arguably the best location: Publix, a Southern region supermarket. It’s tart, it’s tangy and it’s such a terrific color as well. 


  • Blueberry Pie—Another classic pie flavor, there’s nothing to feel blue about after indulging in a piece (or three) of this flavor. There’s something so summery about this selection, and it might be because of peak blueberry season. Much like the key lime pie, I also cannot imagine eating a better blueberry pie than the one my Grandma Judy makes, whether or not she’s in Florida.


  • Strawberry Rhubarb—Okay, I promise I’ll stop talking about my grandma’s baked goods after this one. But there’s a reason I saved it for this point in the list. Good things come in threes, alright? This pie is equal parts sweet and lip-puckering sour, and it never fails to hit the right spot. 


  • Pumpkin—I wanted to veer away from the fruity desserts for a bit and talk about this autumnal award-winning pie. I fall head over heels every year at the idea of eating pumpkin pie in all its forms—pie, muffins, freaking Dairy Queen blizzards. It is the supreme treat for the months of September through November and nobody can tell me otherwise.


  • French Silk Pie—With this being the only non-fruit pie in my list, it’s gotta be good. While some of these can be overwhelming in richness, sometimes that’s exactly what a pie needs. I love that the crust is usually flakier in nature, which allows the chocolate to really shine through and satisfy a sweet tooth in a swift, silky movement.


While I could rattle on about pies as long as the number pi is—3.14159265359—let’s just suffice it to say that my love of pie will continue to be a constant, even if it’s not a mathematical one. Happy Pi Day!

My name is Hannah Hippensteel, and I like to say I'm a Chicago city-slicker, but I'm actually from the 'burbs. I'm currently a senior at Winona State with a major in mass communication-journalism and a minor in sociology. Catch me enjoying all Winona has to offer: the bluffs, the incomparable Bloedow's Bakery, and not to mention, Minnesota boys. With a goal of working at Teen Vogue, Seventeen or Glamour magazine, I'm soaking up every opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse and share my personal voice!
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