Mariah Mrotek: Social Media Maven

Mariah Mrotek was one of the 2016-2017 HC Winona Campus Correspondents. Now, after graduation, she has a position as a Marketing Specialist at Tulip Tree Studios in Rochester, MN.


Her Campus (HC): Hey! How has life been since graduating this past May?

Mariah Mrotek (MM): Since graduating with my Bachelors in Advertising, there have been many incredible milestones made within just the last few months that have led me to this new world—adulthood. Though I haven’t been out of school long, the transition has been life-changing and I know there are some big things to come (maybe I have a few coming in the near future!).

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HC: Tell us about your new job at Tulip Tree Studios.

MM: Tulip Tree Studios is a Marketing and Design firm seated in downtown Rochester, MN. We specialize in marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, copywriting, web design, social media and so much more. I started working at Tulip Tree as a Marketing Intern, but after four days, I was given a full-time position as a Marketing Specialist.

You might ask, well what does a Marketing Specialist do? My honest answer would be just a little bit of everything, which I enjoy, but I specialize in copywriting and social media management for a variety of clients. I have been here for almost four months now and have truly been given a well-rounded experience diving into my career path right out of college.


HC: How has your Her Campus experience helped you in the real world?

MM: Her Campus is an incredible resume booster! As stated on their website, Her Campus “serves as a career launching point for its team of college journalists.” HC is a multi-media platform, a huge conversation-starter and has been a huge component of my ambitious attitude today. 

Her Campus was my little escape on Monday evenings where I could share my views and ideas in a safe environment surrounded by other accepting and optimistic men and women. I have always enjoyed writing, so finding this wonderful group of individuals really allowed me to grow in that passion and grow in my career as well after college.

Though I’m not in HC anymore, my articles are still out on the Her Campus website. I found this to be very helpful when applying for positions because it provides simple access to my work. My work with Her Campus has really expanded my writing skills and allowed me to carry that to my position today.


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HC: What do you miss most about college and Her Campus?

MM: I definitely miss the people. Though Winona State University’s campus beauty cannot be compared, the most beautiful things about that campus were the people you met and the stories created. Her Campus was just that little extra bit of community in the heart of a wonderful community at WSU.

There are so many things one could miss as they leave the Winona community, but for me, I know I will be back to visit because there is nothing that will keep me away from seeing one of the most beautiful towns in Minnesota and re-connecting with my Alma Mater. Go Warriors!


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HC: What advice do you have for those new to Her Campus this year?

MM: I cannot even explain how overjoyed I am to see new faces in Her Campus this year! Having been in HC for many years, it was always a treat to have new men and women join who had a curiosity to write.

The best advice I can give to our HC newbies is to never lose your curiosity; take a chance on a tough topic and let your emotions show in your writing. The best ideas come right from the heart. The day I wrote my first personal piece was the day I discovered how powerful my writing can be to not only myself, but to those reading it. Her Campus gives you the power to have an individual voice, so share it!

Best of luck to you all!

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Mariah certainly left some big shoes to fill, but our current HC Winona CCs are doing a great job. We hope Mariah comes back to visit!