March 21 is National Single Parents Day: A Quick Tribute to My Mom



A word that you likely use multiple times a day, every day. You probably associate that word with a superhero: someone who will always be there for you and swoop in to save the day. For me, that word comes with over 15 years of heartache and frustration. For years, I wished to be able to talk about my father in an adoring way, to have to ask my father for permission to do things, or to be able to write a Father’s Day card for someone other than my grandpa like many of my friends had the pleasure to do.

Because my father is an embarrassment to fathers and husbands everywhere, my mother has taken care of all the grunt work practically since my birth. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a warrior to raise a child by yourself.

Ever since I could remember, my mom has always been there for me, whether it was something small like helping me tie my shoe or something more pressing, such as using Walgreens points and pocket change to pay for my medicine when I had pneumonia.

I don’t know anyone who is stronger than my mom, and there’s no one that would help me through thick and thin like she did, let alone all by themselves.

Since I began writing for Her Campus, I’ve been very open about my relationship with my mother, which makes March 21 an extra special day: National Single Parents Day. This year, be sure to not only appreciate how much your parents do for you but also send love to those who do it by themselves because it isn’t easy and they do the best they can.