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To the person who used to know everything about me,


I still wish you the best. I still hope you can find someone to dance with you to Disney songs at your wedding and someone who likes the same murder documentaries. I still hope you land your dream job—a pediatric nurse—so your whole life is spent with babies. I just hope you’re happy with whatever you fill your time with now and you have new awesome friends to make you laugh. I hope you found your real person who is better for you than I was.


Whether it was a boy, trust issues, or just growing up that tore us apart: I am sorry if you still think of me negatively. All I feel when I think about you is how much I miss you. I’m sorry for whatever still causes you hurt. We grew together at first, but then we grew apart because it happens. It’s not fair, but it is life. You helped me continue on with life but were never meant to last until the end. I always find myself reminiscing about the times we had.


Thank you for the unique advice you would always share with me, for all the time spent with me, and helping me find who I am. My mom still asks about you even throughout all the drama, but I never know what to say.


The door will always be open: you have heard my ugliest laughs and when those laughs faded to tears, you were right there holding the tissue box. I secretly hope our paths will cross again. I want every negative thing that occurred to disappear and only positive things to appear. These wishes probably won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish the best for you.


I don’t follow you on any social media because it makes me miss you more than I already do. I hope you tell your future kids and the love of your life about our friendship before life screwed us up. I wish nothing but the best for you, even though I thought the best for you would always be me.


Love, Katie Kat





My name is Katie Rodmyre! This is my second year in Her Campus as a sophomore majoring in English. I hope that one day I am shaping the young minds of high schoolers teaching English. I fill my time studying in the library, working as a nanny & a waitress, and lastly hanging with friends. I really hope you enjoy my thoughts, and experiences.
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