A Letter To My Daycare Kiddos

Hello friends,

You made my summer fun. You made my summer entertaining. You also made my summer go by fast.

To my Pre-K kids: I loved getting to know you. You are all amazing kids that are going to do incredible things when you get older. You made each day exciting - I never knew what you were going to do that day. One moment we would be playing “Duck Duck Gray Duck” and within a couple of seconds, you would all be in a dog pile . . . with me always on the bottom.

Many of you are going into kindergarten this year and you are all so ready for it and will be so awesome in it. You know that it was time for a new adventure and we as your teachers are sad to see you go, but we know that you will rock kindergarten just liked you rocked preschool!

And for my toddlers: You were the best kids to end my week with. I loved the excitement that you had when you learned to do something, like when you were able to walk across the balance beam (with or without my help). You got excited at the little things, like that worm on the last day (also, thank you for not throwing it at me or at the other teacher - we really appreciated it).  

For both of the age groups: I am going to miss seeing your faces and energy everyday. Your smile made me smile (even if you were doing something naughty ;) ). I am going to miss my daily hugs from my Pre-K friends and cuddles from my toddlers kiddos. I am also going to miss the way you pushed my buttons; you knew what they were and you would try to push your luck a little more every day - and that made me learn patience like never before.

I cannot wait to see you when I come back for breaks - my only hope is that you remember me and the fun summer we had.  

Your big kid friend,