The Land That Has My Heart: 10 Reasons to Love Minnesota

March 1 is National Minnesota Day. Like thousands of other people, I was born and raised in Minnesota. I have travelled to every corner of the state and seen more beauty than someone could capture in a photograph. Minnesota has my heart and soul. However, it isn’t without cause. There are many reasons I love the land of 10,000 lakes. For the sake of time, I have only listed ten.


1. Home

This is an easy one, but only a select number of people can call Minnesota their home and actually mean it. I am familiar with it, and the thought of moving out of the state scares me. This beautiful land has claimed my heart, and I am proud to call it my home.


2. All Four Seasons

In Minnesota, we are blessed with Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter. We experience -40 degrees fahrenheit and 120 degrees fahrenheit. We witness the flowers bloom, heat waves ripple off the pavement, trees change colors, and snow blanket everything within view. I can’t imagine why somebody would never want to experience all of those!


3. Weather

Along with the seasons comes both ideal and inclement weather. We get the sunny beach days, relaxing rainfall, and peaceful powdery snow. But we also receive tornadoes and blizzards. In my opinion, I would much rather take those two negatives than any other natural disaster like earthquakes or hurricanes.


4. Accents and Expressions

“Ope! I’m just gonna sneak right past ya to put the Tater Tot Hotdish on the counter.” Enough said.


5. Community

Can I say weird things like the sentence above without fellow Minnesotans judging me? Yep! Can I wear shorts and a t-shirt when it is 20 degrees fahrenheit without getting weird looks? Yep!

While Minnesotans can be rude and passive-aggressive, there is an unspoken way of living that nobody bothers to question. I love that I can let my Minnesotan-Freak-Flag fly without judgment.


6. Variety of Species

There are so many species in Minnesota. Some dangerous species in the state include rattlesnakes and brown recluse spiders. Intimidating species living here include moose, bald eagles, black bears, and wolves. Pretty and safe species like snowy owls, trout, monarch butterflies, and wood turtles also reside in Minnesota. With an abundance of wildlife, our ecosystems are plentiful and poetic.


7. Water Sources

Minnesota is home to over 10,000 lakes fed by thousands of rivers, streams, creeks, and cricks. There is no shortage of drinking water, beach days, and tubing fun. Compared to many locations throughout the world, we are blessed with an abundance of water for survival and leisure activities. 


8. Boundary Waters/Headwaters

There are only five great lakes, and Minnesota borders the largest one. With Lake Superior planted at the top of our state, it feeds numerous lakes and rivers around the area. Minnesota is also home to the Missippi’s Headwaters located in Itasca. We feed approximately 2,340 miles of rushing water known as the Mississippi River.


9.  Hiking Trails

Whether you are in Northern Minnesota or Southern Minnesota, there are plenty of hiking trails within an hour drive of any point on the map. This offers us the ability to see the beauty of nature firsthand and exercise at the same time.


10. Caribou Coffee

The very first Caribou Coffee was located in Edina. To this day, the superior coffee shop chain has hundreds of stores internationally. Whether you get a Creme-Popped Strawberry Banana Smoothie or a Cold Brew, your cravings are always covered at Caribou… and their coffee isn’t burnt like Starbucks!


If you live in Minnesota, you either love it or you hate it. You obviously know which one of those I am. So if you relate to me and love this beautiful North Star State, then share this article with your friends and reminisce on why it holds a special place in your heart. Happy National Minnesota Day!