A ‘Kritique’ on All Things Kardashian

I’ll be the first to admit, I think I keep up with the Kardashians more than I keep up with myself. They’re entrepreneurs, social media moguls, TV personalities, mothers, sisters, and brothers. They’re a family people either love or love to hate. But regardless of your opinion about this notorious family tree, this article will assess just some of my reasons that I, and many others, find Keeping Up with the Kardashians so intriguing.

  • Business

All of the Kardashian-Jenners have a booming business besides Kendall, who is too busy being a world-famous supermodel. For Kim, it’s her KKW beauty line which was launched June 2017. For Kylie, it’s Kylie Cosmetics. With her iconic lip kits, Kylighters and other products, the company in total has amassed over $900 million in just over two years of existence (this makes her close to being a billionaire at the ripe old age of TWENTY ONE!!). For Khloe, it’s Good American which specializes in jeans for women of all sizes and has since branched out to bodysuits, activewear, and even maternity clothes. If you’re a true Kardashian fan, you’ll even remember the spin-off show about the co-owned boutique called DASH with Khloe and Kourtney. Even Rob has a sock line sold in Nordstrom’s called Arthur George. Money definitely grows on this (family) tree.

  • Relationships

I can only imagine how much scrutiny is cast upon all Kardashian relationships, whether they’re romantic or not. One of the most notable flings was Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries which lasted a whopping 72 days. Most people think that this was a publicity wedding, although Kardashian was, and probably still is, more notable than Humphries in terms of media coverage. Like, c’mon I’ve had more commitment to a haircut than that holy matrimony! Kim then married another man with a K name—Kanye West! Kim and Kanye have been married since 2014, and they have three children, but we’ll talk about that later.


A staple of the KUWTK show is the tumultuous nature of Scott Disick’s crazy club promoter life that spiraled into a cheating scandal. However, most recently, Scott has made a claim that he’s a “sex addict”, but it’s not really his “problem to deal with”. While he wasn’t the greatest partner, the TV segments that were focused on their courtship displayed so much tender love and emotion, although the cameras only show us so much.


Although Khloe’s brand is called Good American, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that her pursuits of a man have been anything but “good”. First, she struggled with the cheating and rehab scandal surrounding fiancee Lamar Odom. The latest drama circles around cheating allegations and video surveillance footage of beau Tristan Thompson cozying up to another woman. This obviously has spelled trouble in paradise for Khloe because she was in the middle of her pregnancy with her first child when this scandal surfaced.


It’s been about a year since Kylie and Tyga’s relationship ended, but it was a lavish 365 days while it lasted. Because Kylie is so young, it often feels like her relationships are pushed to their limits when her suitors are cast into direct limelight from first dates to “I love yous”. However, Kylie is happily now committed to Travis Scott with one child named Stormi.


And perhaps one of the most outrageous significant other stories, Rob Kardashian’s courtship to Blac Chyna. They conceived their first child, Dream, together and Rob also proposed. But then there was an incredibly heated string of tweets and social media events, which led Blac Chyna to run away with Dream and refused to give Rob visitation rights?! Cmon, you can’t tell me you’re not a little bit curious about how that story ends.

  • Children 

I am always in shock when I read the articles announcing the names of the Kardashian-Jenner children. The first of many unusual was Kim’s first baby, North West. My family and I joked that the Kardashian-West family could have gotten free airfare if they child was named South. And with the birth into social medial royalty, a name like Saint is fitting, if not a bit bizarre. The third child was named Chicago, and being an Illinois ‘burbs kinda girl, that name brings some Chi-town pride—but why not Wrigley? Kylie named her first born Stormi, and I have to admit the name is growing on me. Khloe’s first born is named True Thompson, and this brought about some comparisons to the Nickelodeon TV show True Jackson, VP when people inquired about the origin. Kourtney’s third child (the other two being named Mason and Penelope) is named Reign. And Rob’s baby’s name is Dream, but that’s honestly kind of cute.

  • TV show

It’s hard to draw myself from this show when I start watching, and it has a whopping 15 seasons which is rivaling Grey’s Anatomy. While I understand a lot of this “reality” is altered, it’s so entertaining to see their lavish homes but see that they’re still people too. Plus some of the greatest memes have derived from KUWTK.

  • Drama

With a family as famous as the Kardashians, there’s no end to the amount of press they get for just trying to live their lives. Just some of my favorites include Kim’s KKW perfume launch where she wrote out her list of haters and loved ones and sent them all her pre-launch. Kendall’s Pepsi commercial was also a doozy, as well as the infamous Kim and Ray-J sex tape. There’s always some rumors circling about injections in all sorts of parts of Kylie, Khloe and Kim (although most recently, Kylie confessed she dissolved her lip fillers for a more natural look), but my favorite has to be Kanye’s song “Famous” with the drama involving Taylor Swift. That song is super catchy and I’m usually a Swiftie, but I couldn’t help getting sucked into multiple articles arguing for either side. Regardless of what Kardashian is in the news, there’s no shortage of juicy gossip.

I hope that even if you aren’t inspired to have a KUWTK marathon after reading this, you can at least understand why so many people spend so much time trying to keep up with these influencers.