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Just a Train of Thought

If you go to school in Winona, trains are as common as planes are in the Cities.

Don’t get me wrong – the trains that pass through Winona are almost guaranteed to have passed through my hometown, so I am used to them, but I never have to wait for them as much as I do while in Winona.


One week, I had to wait for three really long trains and I realized that a lot can happen in those five-plus minutes. Here is my “train of thought” while waiting for a train:


1.    Oh crap, the red lights are going off–I knew I should’ve left three minutes earlier.  

Photo 1     

2.    I hope it’s not a long train. I wanted to go to the c-store before my night class starts to get something to snack on.


    **One minute passes**  

3.    Dang it, I should’ve guessed that it would be a long one.

4.    Better put the car in park since there is no way I’m having my foot on the brake the entire time.

5.    I wonder if I have any food in my backpack since I won’t have time to make it to the c-store before class…  

    **Two more minutes pass**  

6.    Literally every station in my preset is having a commercial break.

7.    Oh wait, FINALLY a song.

8.    Just kidding, I don’t even like this song.

9.    Maybe the next station has a song I like…  

    **Two more minutes pass**  

10.   Yes, finally a song and one that I like! **turns up the volume**

11.    **sings really loud and obnoxiously* Good thing I’m in the car by myself; otherwise I wouldn’t have any friends. (Sometimes I like to think that I am with James Corden in his “Carpool Karaoke” sketch)

12.   Man, this line of cars is getting really long. I can’t imagine what it looks like on the other side of the train…

13.   **finally sees the end of the train* Ah yes, the end is near.

14.   **sees the train bars go up** This is the best part of my day.

15.    Ah crap, now I have to turn to get to campus and the line of cars is impossibly long on the other side…


This is just one of my trains of thought I have while waiting for a train in Winona, and I know I will have many more since I am more than likely going to have to wait for a train again sometime soon.


P.S. The day after I wrote this, I had to wait for a train, and this one did the thing where it goes back and forth and I was late for class. #yeahtrains


Meet Linsey Taylor, one of the campus correspondents for the Winona State Her Campus chapter. Linsey is a senior majoring in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in psychology and hopes to become a child life specialist with her degree. In her free time, Linsey enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.
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