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Joey Pierre ’16

Name: Joey PierreYear: JuniorHometown: Cottage Grove, MNMajor: Criminal Justice Relationship Status: Single

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Joey Pierre. This shy guy is a hockey enthusiast and a believer in using roller blades for transportation.

HC (Her Campus): What has been your most memorable year in college so far?JP (Joey Pierre): Probably my freshman year mainly because everything was new. You are not by your parents anymore and you can do whatever you want. The experience of being away makes you grow up.

HC: Where do you spend a majority of your time?JP: Usually I am either at my house or the library.

HC: When you have free time, what do you like to do?JP: I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do I spend time with my roommates. I also enjoy going up north and spending time outside four wheeling or jet skiing.  

HC: How do you like being a WSU security guard?JP: It is a tough job because of the long hours but I enjoy it. It is fun to interact with my peers, and it is easy to relate with people I work with because they are all criminal justice majors.

HC: Of all the social media platforms, you only have Twitter.  Why is that?JP: Because of the career field I am going into I cannot risk having a lot of personal information out there. I also think social media takes up a lot of time and does not allow you to be in reality.

HC: So, word on the street is that you know WSU Cupid. Does that benefit you in any way?JP: I do know Cupid but because I don’t have Facebook I don’t benefit from it.

HC: What is the first thing you notice about a girl?JP: Her smile, for sure.

HC: What is a turn off with any girl you meet?JP: If a girl is glued to her phone and tuning you out.

HC: Can you describe your ideal first date?JP: Depending on the season I would either take her ice skating or hiking, and then we would go grab some food.

HC: Which is your cuisine of choice?JP: Fettuccine alfredo or anything in the Italian genre.

HC: What is your favorite movie?JP: I would have to say Miracle.

HC: What is your favorite music genre or artist?JP: I like country but I am also a Mike Stud fan.

HC: Do you have any secret hobbies?JP: I think movies and shows like Safe Haven, the Notebook, and Gossip Girl are not all that bad to watch.

HC: What are some strong qualities of yours?JP: I consider myself to be a person that is always honest, hardworking, and respectful.

HC: Do you have any role models?JP: That would easily be my mom and my brother Ryan. I look up to both of them a lot and value how they have always treated others with respect.

HC: What does your future look like?JP: I would like to be a police officer, preferably for Cottage Grove. I want to one day work with my brother who is also a police officer.

HC: Do you have any words you try to live by?JP: Never give up and treat others how you want to be treated.

HC: How does it feel to be nominated for campus cutie?JP: I feel honored, and it’s been a pleasure answering these lovely questions.

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