Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Mystery Box: Unboxing, Swatches, and Review

I have been a fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics ever since I ordered my first “Velour Liquid Lipstick.” The liquid lipsticks are colorful, long wearing, and very flattering. The only problem with them is that each lipstick is $18, which does not fit into my budget very well. Because of this, I have only been able to justify buying three of them in the last three years.


I have always been curious how his other products are, so when he came out with a mystery value box, I was PUMPED. The box is not cheap, coming in at $40 (before tax and shipping) for the premium mystery box that came with 6 items, and $75 (before tax and shipping) for the deluxe mystery box that came with 9 items. I decided to go crazy and try to get the deluxe mystery box. I was on the site as soon as the item went live and managed to get one! I can say now that I have received it, that it was definitely worth it. I paid about $82 total for the box, which came out to a $189 value of products.



That is a picture of how the box came to me in the mail. The box contained a Supreme Frost highlighter in the shade “Frozen Peach,” a Skin Frost highlighter in the shade “Lavender Snow,” a Lip Ammunition lipstick in “Jeffree’s Girl,” a Velour Lip Liner in the shade “Posh Spice,” and three Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shades “Diamond,” “Posh Spice,” and “Dreamhouse.” Along with all the makeup came a t-shirt and a PopSocket.


First, I tried the lipstick in the shade “Jeffree’s Girl.



This lipstick was incredibly bright pink, but I actually ended up really liking the color. Its intense pigment pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I think it looks nice. (This color did last long and stain my lips a little when I removed it.)


Next, I tried the liquid lipstick in the shade “Diamond.



I was surprised that this one turned out to be my favorite. This is another shade that pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad that it did. Having owned a liquid lipstick from this brand before, I can say these are really great. They last a super long time and don’t dry out your lips too bad, or wear off in a weird way.


Next up was the lip liner and matching liquid lipstick in “Posh Spice.”



This pair is a very cool-toned brown-nude color. I thought these were really pretty, and they were very different than any other nude lip products that I owned before.


Lastly for lipstick was the liquid lipstick in “Dreamhouse.”



This one was pretty, but I think it was my least favorite color that I got in the box. The metallic formula was a little harder to work with, but with a few coats I was able to get it to smooth out on my lips.


The highlighters were both incredibly pretty but in different ways.


The Skin Frost highlighter in “Lavender Snow” was very intense.



The tone of it is really pretty and it doesn’t show up too purple on your cheek. Also, the pan size on these is INSANE. It’s about as big as my hand, so I will most likely never run out of this.


The last makeup item was the Supreme Frost highlighter in “Frozen Peach.”



This highlighter was pretty, but it did not photograph as well as the other one. I did like the way this one looked in person more than the other one, though. It is a little more subtle of a glow, so it almost looks more natural like a glow from within.


Overall, I was incredibly impressed with every single makeup product that I tried from this box. I also did some research and found out that there were multiple different shade combinations that people were receiving in their box, so it really was a mystery of what you were going to get. (I tried to spoil the surprise before mine shipped by looking at everyone else’s unboxings, lol)


Lastly, the box contained an exclusive t-shirt and a PopSocket.



I wasn’t as excited for these items, but they are cute. The t-shirt is soft and comfortable, and the fit was exactly what I expected. The PopSocket is just like any other PopSocket but with the Jeffree Star logo.


I really do think that this box was worth the price. The mystery boxes do sell out quickly because of their value, so if you ever see one advertised again I would act quick to get it! Otherwise, if you are just looking to try out a makeup brand with the most unique colors that perform well, give it a shot.